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2019-11-30 Cultivating And Fertilizing

2019-11-30T0159 New farming day has started, FS19 booted up.

Did not actually plan on playing, I'm already at the last part of this day as I've been ArmA 3 editing for quite some time. Now just felt like doing something else and decided to give hour or two for Start From Zero.

Was going to start fertilizing F12 but it didn't stick, have to cultivate first. Darn new seasons starter year and random field status.

0212 Started cultivating F12, courseplay ETA 30min, 4x tools
? Finished cultivating F12
0308 Started fertilizing F12, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0332 Finished fertilizing F12
0335 Started cultivating F13, courseplay ETA 52min, 4x tools
0434 Finished cultivating F13

There is now a lone weed patch in F03 which I had pre-emptively blanket herbicide sprayed... seems like seasons weed code is buggy, huh?

0437 Started fertilizing F13, courseplay ETA 33min, 2x tools
0516 Finished fertilizing F13
0522 Started fertilizing F15, courseplay ETA min, 4x tools

Now there is one weed spec in the SE corner of F14 heh. I truly wonder if the weeds will grow back just as I had never sprayed them, that would be really funny.

0549 Finished fertilizing F15
0558 Started cultivating F16, courseplay ETA 50min, 4x tools
0703 Finished cultivating F16

Then it was time to call it a night, dead tired. Again not planning on farming tomorrow... but we'll see how things evolve.

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