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2019-11-28 Quick Farming Day

2235 New farming day has started, aayeah!

09/mid-summer in-game 2100hrs, night is falling so have to time accelerate until morning daylight before starting this seeding.

2312 Started seeding soybeans F03, courseplay ETA 55min, 4x tools
2019-11-29T012 Finished seeding soybeans F03

Just when I was about to start fertilizing F05 I noticed it was growing weeds... how is that possible as I JUST blanket herbicide sprayed it? What kind of bullshit is this that you spend better part of three hours spraying a field and few in-game days later that fucking thing is again growing weeds?

Seasons bug, no other explanation, hell I even re-read this story that did I not spray it, yes indeed I did spray the field and yeah... this sucks. Whats the point of playing 20FPS performance buggy piece of shit?

Well I decided to start fertilizing this field as I was using VLC player to watch a movie in the background, but my motivation for FS19 playing was all time low right now...

0017 Started fertilizing F05, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 4x tools
0320 Finished fertilizing F05

Funny thing that my movie ended just as rubicons finished this very long fertilization field work. As said I was really bummed out by the growing weeds and the oncoing awful 20FPS performance that I stopped playing for tonight here. Right now I don't feel like playing but give it one or two hard editing days and I'm sure I get drawn back here, I just don't know how I can ignore the F05 buggy weed situation...

0324 Shut down FS19.

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