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2019-11-27 Herbicide Spraying And Equipment Purchase

2019-11-27T1541 Well back in farming, yesterday was spent on arma3 m.2 nvme ssd DevSurf configurations.

1549 Started herbicide spraying F15, courseplay ETA 38min, 2x tools
1552 Started herbicide spraying F03, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools
1634 Finished herbicide spraying F15
1637 Finished herbicide spraying F03

- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1700 Purchased above twice

Needed more spraying capability for fertilizing fleet, so upgraded rubicons to 4x dedicated fertilizer vehicles. Budget now 6.359m

Attempted to fertilize F05 but fert didn't stick, it needs to be cultivated, uuh that is going to be one insane field work even with 4x 24m flexicoils. With the 20FPS performance and probably over 12hrs duration... yeah that field work is going to take several real life gaming sessions to complete, sigh.

That field will be the largest I have ever cultivated. Funny thing is I'm probably looking at one more cultivating after this because now we cultivate, then fertilize, then we could plant corn and then we have to fertilize twice which is time sensitive... so I'd rather cult-fert-cult-fert-plant-fert Smiley :)

Oh my.

1720 Started cultivating F05, courseplay ETA 8h 45min, 4x tools

This was such a huge duration that I sort of cheated, I watched a movie, went grocery shopping and did some other computer stuff on the side before returning to PMC Gaming computer. I did monitor the big bud progress that no issues come up, savegame every hour or so.

2250 Started lime spreading F15, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 3x tools

Having 7 vehicles under courseplay running the performance was pretty bad again, I could just feel the stutter and FPS indicator were somewhere between 20-25 which is sad really. It is completely crazy to play a game like this, if you want to play obsessively at least you'd expect to have some enjoyable experience... but 20FPS, are you kidding me... heh. But what other way there would be to get this mega 1200ha field done, with only one tractor? Haha yeah NO.

Oh and I made a mistake with lime spreading this field, I should have fertilized it first then after liming it I could have put another fertilizing layer in right away, but no... now I need to cultivate between fertilizing. I have made this mistake few times before and most likely will repeat it many times after as its so easy to get carried away in farming excitement heh.

2019-11-28T0132 Finished lime spreading F15
0251 Finished cultivating F05

Purchased 67.4k worth of diesel fuel Smiley :)

Used fendt 1050 to drive seed hawk to the shop, unloaded seeds, sold the air cart, purchased new fertilization disabled one, refilled seeds back in and finally drove it back to the F03 NW where big bud's and rest of the seed hawks are. I did this four times, for all the seed hawk air carts. I'm using the new optional fertilization mod which turns fertilizer tanks into seed tanks, with seed hawk air cart this gives 34.5k liters of seed capacity. Nice!

Then fendt 1050 got elmers haulmaster load of seeds from our seed factory, refilled seed hawks by F03 until it ran out of seeds (optional fertilization 34.5k liters capacity), picked up another load... and then I was pretty much so tired I had to call it a night.

0416 Too tired, had to call it a night. I'm hoping not to farm tomorrow just some editing, we'll see.

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