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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2019-11-25 Herbicide Spraying Interrupted By Hardware Configurations

2019-11-25T2150 New farming day has started, not sure whats going to happen today, its already late in the day too.

2203 Started herbicide spraying F12, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2226 Finished herbicide spraying F12
2248 Started herbicide spraying F14, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools
2306 Finished herbicide spraying F14
2318 Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay ETA 18min, 4x tools
2344 Finished herbicide spraying F13

2019-11-26T0002 Started herbicide spraying F16, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools
0006 Started herbicide spraying F17, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0025 Finished herbicide spraying F17
0031 Started herbicide spraying F18, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0040 Finished herbicide spraying F16
0049 Finished herbicide spraying F18

Had to take a short hardware configuration break here, going to test Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1tb with ArmA 3 addons Smiley ;)

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