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2019-11-24 Hauling Grain To Sell And Purchasing Equipment

2019-11-24T1046 New farming day has begun, wonder whats going to happen today.

Well here we are, one of those things that I didn't know what else to do so I reverted back to my safe zone which is farming simulator Smiley :)

Yes I know its a kind of loser attitude but hey, better to play FS19 than to just stare at the walls I guess. And yes I have desire for some field work because as seen above the last week or more was spent doing nothing but harvesting. Harvesting of course is nice, its kind of the final phase, but I just RIGHT NOW miss the good old cultivating, fertilizing, spraying, etc and then seeding. To make things grow.

And yes as usual, this feeling soon passes when I'm faced with the overwhelming amounts of fields I need to work on. But right now I just want to start doing some nice relaxed field work, make a list of fields I have not yet worked on so I can use this list in the future to slowly chipping away one field at the time in my ultimate goal to achieve all fields harvested.

On more practical terms I'm not sure if I continue working on the fields I have already done in previous years because they are already "done" within this goal in mind, so I'll probably move my vehicle fleets to the fields what I've not yet worked on (in this Start From Zero savegame).

However I still want to finish that grain selling operation because I got 855.5k soybeans and 751.6k + 3.208m corn left.

1050 Started to load NW train with 3.208m liters of corn from railroad silo 3
1058 Finished loading NW train, 2.860m liters of corn, train is full

The best corn selling price is on selling point 5 which is truck accessible 1543, next best is selling point 9 train accessible 1535 and increasing. So I decided to go selling point 9 because its train and not only that but on the same tracks as my current corn load in NW train.

1104 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 219.5k TIMES TWENTY!
1111 Finished selling train load of corn, budget now 6.341m

Going to go pickup the remaining corn from railroad silo 3.

1115 Started loading corn to NW train, mere 348.2k liters
1120 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 2x 219.8k + 95.7k

Budget now 6.877m and now I'm off to grab the remaining grain from the hmm whatever bin they are, heh the hunt of the missing grain Smiley ;)

1134 Started truck hauling 855.5k liters of soybeans from F19 farm bin silo to railroad silo 1
1225 Started truck hauling 750k liters of corn from farm NE bin silo to railroad silo 5
1233 Finished truck hauling soybeans
1236 Loaded NE train with 855.5k liters of soybeans from railroad silo 1
1246 Unloaded NE train soybeans to railroad silo 5

There was some hiccup in courseplay corn hauling course, the truck was running loops empty, I don't get it. One of those days that courseplay pisses me off again.

1259 Started loading NE train with corn
1302 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.8k
1307 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.8k
1311 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.7k
1314 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.6k + 261.6k
1318 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.6k + 261.6k
1322 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.5k + 261.5k
1325 Finished truck hauling corn
1326 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 58.1k
1327 Finished loading NE train with corn

Now off to sell the corn in... looks like selling point 9 has the best price, but that means swapping trains again, hmm. Selling point 9 goes for 1547 and selling point 11 which would have been in my current trains route only gives 1471, so off we go to the highest price.

Its not a big deal to swap trains, sort of nice change for all the usual farming simulator field work stuff, but yes obviously it takes several moments until we reach out destination and complete the sell. Who says farming is easy hehe

1334 Unloaded NE train of corn to railroad silo 1
1340 Loaded NW train with corn from railroad silo 1
1346 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 5x 221.2k + 56.6k

Aayeah all the farm bin silos and railroad silos are empty, all the grain from last years harvest season was sold! Budget now 11.237m, thats pretty nice Smiley :)

Now what do I do next? hehe

I did a list of harvested fields in this Start From Zero savegame (I have obviously harvested many fields in my other seasons test savegame but those don't count).

F02, F04, F23-F27, F29, F33-F39, F43, F46, F51, F85, F87 and F88

These fields I wont be bothering to work on now until I reach the ultimate goal of having harvested all the fields and there sure are many of which I havent done any work yet. I haven't even been in the southern side of this terrain yet other than contract work which doesn't count either.

So fields to harvest are below.
F01, F03, F05, F06, F07, F08, F09, F10, F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19, F20, F21, F22, F28, F30, F31, F32, F40, F41, F42, F44, F45, F47, F48, F49, F50, F52, F55, F56, F57, F58, F59, F60, F61, F62, F63, F64, F65, F66, F67, F68, F69, F70, F71, F72, F73, F74, F75, F76, F77, F78, F79, F80, F81, F82, F89, F90, F91, F92, F93, F94, F95, F96, F97, F98

That list is just huge even as those numbers in text so just imagine how many real life hours you spend working on those fields it will be insane. I cannot in any way shape or form try to get this done as quickly as possible, it has to be nice and relaxed playing only when you absolutely feel like, not because you just want to get it done for any cost.

I imagine this will take months assuming I don't start to play arma3/elite etc for longer periods of time. Lets say I could play this Start From Zero not every day but how about every week... then it might be done next year? Heh I don't know Smiley ;)

I definitely want to get this done but I refuse to ruin my life because of this goal. It will be interesting to see in the future to read this history back and see what my plan here was and what actually happened, for example I never finished the FS17 Cornbelt Start From Scratch because FS19 was released. When the next game is released, FS21 I assume late next year(?), I can easily port over my own terrain and this savegame so that is not the issue anymore.

Anyways, speculation. Lets get started with the first field Smiley :D

First field to work on is F28.

Going to pickup sprayer equipment from farm NE, then probably buy bare minimum two more rubicon 9000 sprayers with low boy and tanker support vehicles.

As talked thoroughly previously I'm going to herbicide blanket spray all the fields so I need two dedicated herbicide sprayers for sure.

Brought both of the spayer setups from farm NE to farm 1, topped them off with liquid fertilizer, they are now good to go when fertilizing is required.

1501 Lunch break...
1545 Alright all feeded up, lets get back to farming

Added new lizard plus plus truck and bdbssb's liquid storage pack mods.

- truck lizard warrior++ with options 148.4k
- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1549 Purchased above twice

- low loader renegade xl 110mfg with trailer hitch 29.7k

1553 Purchased above twice
1554 FS19 froze up when vehicle explorer switched into warrior++ just behind rubicons
1557 FS19 froze up when driving warrior++ near rubicons

- truck lizard warrior++ with options 148.4k

1601 Purchased above twice

- tanker trailer liquid tank 75 68k
- tanker trailer liquid tank 75D 75k

1603 Purchased above twice

Purchased liquid storage tanks 110k, placed them near railroad silo 4.

Drove the two new liquid tanker trucks to farm 1, topped up with herbicide which was at beginning a bit confusing as the trucks "stole" from each other when side by side heh, probably not often when you have such side by side loading going on. Now I have massive 120k liters PER TRUCK herbicide capacity and when I'll dump this stuff on the liquid storage placeable... oh yeah, very nice stuff.

Herbicide production factory, thats what I need next. Its okay to buy it from the giants placeable refill station, but would be so much nicer to be producing that on my own.

1648 Started herbicide spraying F28, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools

As weird as this again sounds, man it felt good to be back in regular field work and running massive rubicons spraying stuff! Smiley :)

Just wondering how many minutes / hours this enthusiasm lasts before I get bored and ultimately burnt out for the endless field work hehe. Oh well, its the circle of life, man.

1722 Finished herbicide spraying F28

Refill of 60k liters of herbicide costs 79.2k ouch, it ain't cheap.

1758 Started herbicide spraying F83, GPS
1804 Finished herbicide spraying F83
1806 Started herbicide spraying F84, GPS
1811 Finished herbicide spraying F84

These two 4ha fields are a joke, but have to do them for the goal.

Next was massive F05 herbicide spraying, I had the money and was thinking about buying two more dedicated herbicide sprayers but decided against it that nah we can do it with just two... but when courseplay shows me duration 4h 53min... I RECONSIDERED hehe!

- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1833 Purchased the above twice

Liquid storage tanks by F26 have now 462k liters of herbicide and 240k liters of liquid fertilizer. Gotta love large scale farming, aayeah Smiley ;)

1845 Started herbicide spraying F05, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 4x tools
2143 Finished herbicide spraying F05

Spraying this 1200ha field felt surprisingly quick or easy. Compared to the hectic harvesting this was piece of cake to just watch courseplay doing its thing. Sure there was few sprayer refills but that was nothing.

Decided to call it a night here even though I still have a lot of playing energy left, its better to quit with good spirits than to get exhausted.

2153 Shut down FS19.

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