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2019-11-18 Corn Harvesting And Time For A Break

2019-11-18T0509 New farming day has started, PMC Gaming and FS19 is up. Corn harvest time!

The plan was to start terrain editing today (well I am downloading terra incognita satellite imagery as we speak) but after waking up with enthusiasm and then reading what the idiots on the internet are saying again... I decided to go to my happy place and that is PMC Grande Gardens 16km corn harvest Smiley :)

Now we have 2x 50ha and 55ha fields of corn left. My goal is to finish at least F34 (55ha) and F23 (50ha) today, if I cannot do that for whatever reason then I'm disappointed. I'm hoping to finish the whole corn harvest today so also F27, but we'll see how it goes.

Once the corn harvest is done, then we still have two fields of canola F32 and F44 which are larger and other side of the terrain. I definitely do not expect to get those done and I doubt I even get started with F32 today. Oh well too much speculation, lets get started with the corn harvest and go one field at the time, shall we.

Something has been bugging in this savegame since I activated platinum edition claas DLC and leased some telehandler or something for just a few minutes, ever since that I have gotten nightly vehicle running costs, which just seem to increase by the time goes on. I do not have any leased vehicles, yes I have checked.

As listed above I have sickening amount of grain in my various bin silos, millions and millions worth... but due the nightly costs I actually ran out of CASH money now. I was setupping my vehicles for F34 corn harvest and when refueling thundercreek FST990 I ran out of money heh.

I could take a truck and sell one load of corn to the selling point 8 which is the closest, but I am so lazy that I just loan 5k so at least I can fill up the thundercreek with one set of fuel now. Start From Zero is about not taking loan yes I know that, but this is just silly as I have probably 30+ million worth of grain in the silos and even driving the truck off from its courseplay course would take too long heh, so taking a quick loan is easier to fill the thundercreek Smiley :)

Going to sell off the first truck load off F34 to selling point 8 to make some cash money for daily operations. And damn I need to fix that nightly vehicle running costs it is bleeding me dry and its a bug in the first place.

0607 All vehicles refueled, we are good to go
0608 Started harvesting corn F34, courseplay ETA 1h 18min, 4x tools
0637 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 49.5k + 49.5k. This was done to get some money because I got none
0711 Paid the loan off, budget now 91.3k
0919 Finished harvesting corn F34

Need to take a lunch break here. At 1005hrs lunch break over, time to get back to harvesting, two more fields to go.

Recorded courseplay course for grain truck from F23 to railroad silo 4 which is just nearby. I was shocked to see farm 1 bin silo already having 7.5 million liters of corn so surely we are not going to dump anymore there, also its pretty far away so no reason to drive that much.

1020 Started harvesting corn F23, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools
1229 Made the decision to stop playing FS19 for a while

Huh what?

Yeah I have been playing for so long 16hrs/day again that this is just insane, I need to stop and continue ArmA 3 terrain editing and other chores I have queued during this FS19 playing time. Oh and I also edit FS19 but I just have to stop playing it as playing is waste of (perfectly good editing) time.

I'm afraid to even scroll up to check how many days straight I have been playing now (and I already played several days in Start From Zero Midwest Horizon before this). I have always said farmsim is a time sink and I still keep playing, this must end.

Obviously I won't stop playing for good but at least cut back completely now, do some editing and next year maybe start to look into playing FS19 again.

I am going to finish this corn harvest which is this F23 and then F27, after that its two canola fields F32 (near farm 2) and F44 which is bigger by farm 3. There is no doubt I am going to finish corn harvest today or die trying heh. Not sure about the canola fields, I'm sort of hoping it would last me no longer than HALF day tomorrow... remains to be seen, canola is somewhat quick to harvest with 4x 18m headers.

F32 is 46.5ha and F44 is 142.2ha in size. Yeah that fourtyfour will take a few hours to harvest thats for sure. But it will be done. Anyways lets continue the task in hand, corn harvest...

1255 Finished harvesting corn F23
1304 Started harvesting corn F27, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools
1347 Time accelerated through the night, it was raining and then had to wait until soil/crops are dry
1504 Lunch break...
1541 Feeding done, now its time to finish this corn harvest!
1618 Finished harvesting corn F27

Uuaah corn harvest for this year/season is done! Smiley :)

Corn harvest got me 7.591m liters in farm bin silo and 2.388m liters in railroad silo, man those are crazy amounts of grain heh. I really need to bump up these PMC Grande Gardens 16km silo capacitys because ten million liter even though it sounds cool on paper... its nothing when you really start to rock and roll with harvests Smiley :)

1634 Exited FS19 to take backups of savegame and small breather break, I do not plan on stopping for today but very short break is in order...
1646 Well that was a long break heh, okay lets attack those canola fields...

Then it was just waiting for canola fields to grow, actually I should be able to fertilize them at least once before they are ready to harvest. For F44 that would mean another 45min work and ... well I'm not going to bother driving rubicons down to F32, too lazy for such haul.

Canola fields would need a herbicide spraying as well, but yeah not going to happen. I mean we got now so much grain in the bin silos already that doing for example F32 is completely waste of time, the amount of extra money we got from that field changes nothing because most likely when we sell all the grain we can buy all the remaining land in this terrain, so yeah.. but we'll see I'd like to harvest that as canola is one of the most valuable crops.

Time accelerating 6000 speed and no growth on F32 or F44. Got to 01/early-winter and still nothing. Then it started to snow, in-game morning when seasons was done syncing after fast forward I heard rain sound but sky was clear and there was no weather rain icon. Then after few moments ground turned to snow covered one heh.

Decided to save and restart F19 because I assume there is some sort of desync going on now, lets see what game/seasons wrote into the savegame XMLs...

No real change that I could see, I don't want to jump the gun here but canola seems to be frozen in time, kind of like one crop planting was in my other savegame previously, there was just no growth at all. Why would this happen? No idea, I bought the lands where these fields were growing canola already so maybe the buying caused some issue. Or maybe the excessive time accelerating 6000 speed just desynced seasons operations so badly that it could not recover and crops were frozen in time.

If the canola got bugged for whatever reason its not a big deal, yeah I did fertilize both fields but it was pretty quick and painless field work so I'm not going to cry about it. Hell to be honest... at this point after playing almost one month straight 16hrs/day I'm pretty much ready to take a FS19 break right here right now hehe. But lets keep time accelerating...

One thing though; corn highest market price selling day is quickly approaching, its on around 08/early-winter to 10/mid-winter, I think the best day is 09. If I reach that... then while not necessary I would like to sell my millions liters of corn. But that would require the fixed trains on the new terrain or again kind of cheating by editing the savegame XML. I'm afraid... to save time and agony, its going to be the latter... Smiley :)

Nightly vehicle running costs have increased already from about 1k to 4.7k now and they keep rising. I haven't figured out where do they come from as I have NO leased vehicles. It must have been some goof up with the platinum edition claas dlc leased vehicles several real life days ago. This must be fixed, I just have no idea how. In the long run this will completely bleed me dry.

Corn selling day arrived, 07/early-winter and the price was increasing at 1484. Day after tomorrow historically should be the best day to sell, but on tomorrow might be a good day as well.

08/early-winter after in-game 2100hrs corn 1568.

09/mid-winter which should be the best selling day... had corn market price actually dropping. I assume this is the randomness in seasons. You should monitor the price, not the day. Obviously its the 07-09 winter days but don't wait for too long (for day 09) as if the price is right on 07 or 08 then just sell.

10/mid-winter yep the good sell day was 08 with 1568 price for corn, I did not sell and I lost the opportunity.

Decided to time accelerate until end of the winter, save game and end playing there.

24/late-winter in-game 0717hrs. So here we are end of year dunno is it year two now or first I lost track already heh anyways. As explained many days previously that PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 train system is bugged (cant unload from the trains) and there are no train selling points... I cant really continue playing until these issues are fixed. Also I want to edit many more fixes and upgrades. End of the year/season is the safest place to upgrade terrains and season mod itself to avoid any savegame issues.

For the next time playing FS19 I'm going to upgrade into at that time latest seasons mod of course, hopefully then we have new stable version but if not I'll be using the betas. But for now, its time to shut it down and take a break from FS19 for as long as I can Smiley :)

1922 Saved game, exited FS19, backupped savegames plus other settings.

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