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Midwest Horizon Start From Zero

2019-04-30 This was my first time playing midwest horizon which was released already few days ago. I had just attempted to take a break from PMC Iowa Garden City 8km "start from zero" career only like a day ago, but now I'm back in FS19 heh, oh well.

Took an harvest contract for F104, 4.8ha. It pays 7.7k minus the borrowed vehicle prices, but it was the only one available and honestly I didnt feel like doing much larger field right from the start.

0620 started harvesting F104. Did courseplay course, really not in the mood to drive manually.
0741 finished harvesting F104, still need to haul grain into silo to complete the contract.
0748 unloaded trailer to horizon coop, contract finished and I got money from the grain, budget now 17,587 heh my first money ;)
0801 sold remaining grain from the harvest for 4,200 then collected contract reward, 6,854 and budget now 28,642.
0803 accepted fertilizing contract F48, 5.3ha. With borrowed vehicles.
0811 started fertilizing F48, contract.
0822 finished fertilizing F48
0824 collected contract reward, 9,469 and budget now 32,352.
0826 leased bredal k165 with extension and spreading discs for initial cost 3,876 and 1,596 per hour fee.
0827 leased new holland t6 with narrow tires for initial cost 5,253 and 2,163 per hour fee.
0829 accepted all fertilizing contracts there was.
0836 started fertilizing F21, contract.
0845 finished fertilizing F21, collected contract reward 11,071.
0847 started fertilizing F90, contract.
0852 finished fertilizing F90, collected contract reward 7,280.
0854 started fertilizing F88, contract.
0920 finished fertilizing F88, collected contract reward 7,331. Took a while as I helped Roozsta to test john deere 220 disc :)
0925 started fertilizing F10, contract.
0943 finished fertilizing F10, collected contract reward 21,848.
0953 started fertilizing F53, contract.
1012 finished fertilizing F53, collected contract reward 16,082.
1015 started fertilizing F123, contract.
1023 finished fertilizing F123, collected contract reward 9,460.
1031 started fertilizing F118, contract.
1100 finished fertilizing F118, collected contract reward 29,595.
1108 returned leased fertilizing vehicles. Budget now 89,573 which is pretty nice but nowhere near where I could start to buy my own vehicles.

Finished this first test in Midwest Horizons, the few locations I saw looked nice. In this start from zero career made a bit money but nowhere near to start thinking about buying own vehicles, it was literally a first stab at it. More tomorrow, I think.

1827 Back at PMC Gaming, firing up FS19, time for some Midwest Horizons.

It was in-game time 1245hrs and only one very small reward fertilizing contract, so time to time accelerate and see what new contracts I get next. So time accelerated a bit then came night and fastnight mod took over and fast forwarded to 0700hrs the next morning. Still no fertilizer contracts, one appeared of 27k reward but its borderline not worth it as if I lease vehicle and do only this one contract it progresses me very little in this career, I need at least 5+ contracts stacked in order to make a real progress.

1856 Had a lunch break while game was running real time, no new contracts, well any that would pay me anything, those harvest and cultivating contracts are just waste of time when I dont have proper vehicles.

Time accelerated in 2hrs increments until the next evening begun at in-game 1930hrs, I let fast night do its thing and then we were in 0700hrs in the morning. Contracts did not change much over night, few more cultivating ones got added, ugh. Then tried to even restart the game just to check if it would refresh the contracts somehow (like the leftover contracts on the list which disappear upon accept), but no dice, guess the contracts are saved in missions.xml file and no restart will change that.

More time acceleration and the next night was reached, fastnight did its thing. In-game morning still no fertilizer contracts, sigh, how long will this take heh. Time accelerated to in-game 1200hrs and still nothing.

2007 Had some IRC stuff in between here. Now lets continue farming. Time accelerated in-game 1606hrs and it started raining, still no fertilizing contracts, uuh.

I'm now again paranoid thinking that could the x600 time acceleration mess up the field stage changes somehow that they are skipped. I mean it shouldn't because I only hop forward in 2hrs increments, but yeah dunno. I know that if you used the crazy x9000 or whatever the one crazy fast forward mod did it caused the crop growth to halt / skip completely during the time acceleration.

2014 Time accelerated past in-game midnight again, next day is here, still no fertilizing contracts. There was some new seeding ones so contracts do seem to update with x600 time scale.
2029 Time accelerated past in-game midnight, again for the how many times is this now and still no fertilizing contracts... man, the x600 must be skipping crop growth stages as its just not possible to have any fert contracts over like what three days period, that just doesnt happen. OK, I'm going back to x120 time scale.

After switching to x120 time scale I got first spraying contract in no time, so yeah must be that x600 being too fast for FS19 engine to handle regarding crop growth stage switching.

2034 In-game time 0820hrs first fertilizing contract appeared, finally! Yes x600 definitely is too fast for FS19 engine, I'll stop using it now, I've already known that you should not use such speeds unless just skipping through the night, not even then if you can avoid it.
2036 Accepted two fertilizing contracts for F04 and F12. Leased another bredal k165 solid fertilizer spreader and tractor.
2042 started fertilizing F04, contract.
2106 finished fertilizing F04, collected contract reward 34,242.
2108 started fertilizing F12, contract.
2117 finished fertilizing F12, collected contract reward 15,898.

Budget now 125.9k and no fertilizing contracts in the menu, so I'm going to return the leased vehicles that they wont burn away all my money.

2128 After x120 time accelerating to in-game 1705hrs new fertilizing contract appeared, it was 30k so quite nice but I'd still want at least one more before I bother to lease vehicles again. Its not cheap leasing and still dont have enough to by my first own tractor + spreader.

Soon after got another fertilizing contract but it was lousy 2k reward so not worth my time. Then night time in-game arrived and I let fastnight do its thing on x300 time acceleration that hopefully is not too fast for FS19 engine. At in-game 0700hrs there was two new contracts but ironically overnight the 30k one had disappeared and the new ones didnt even sum up to that heh, oh well.

I must say in this career there has been a lot of time acceleration going on.

2142 In-game 1633hrs got fertilizing contract for 30k, now I'm going to take it so I dont miss out once again. And when I ALT-TABbed back to game there was massive 127k reward one appeared as well, wow nice over one hundred and fifty grand worth of contracts, ayeah lets get to work :)
2144 Leased another bredal k165 solid fertilizer spreader and tractor.
2152 started fertilizing F64, contract.
2212 finished fertilizing F64, collected contract reward 30,766.
2224 started fertilizing F108, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 17min, heh.
2344 finished fertilizing F108, collected contract reward 127,677. At the same time F64 fertilizing contract came available, again, odd? I'll take the 30k :)
2350 started fertilizing F64, contract.

2019-05-01T0012 finished fertilizing F64, collected contract reward 30,766.

May 2019 started, whee ;)

When doing these last two fields I was already planning on how to start my farm, checked out the cheapest and most suitable land lots near the vehicle shop and crop sale point in SE corner. Vehicles are the problematic part as they cost so much when you count all of them and there is really no cheapo option to get in the start, I mean I'm done with the cheapest vehicles like 2m plows/seeders and 4m harvester headers, no thank you I want some capability on my vehicles. Yes yes I know this is what start from zero is all about, but I am not going to spend another six (6) hours harvesting with some piece of junk combine, been there done that and wasted the time that I'm never going to get back heh.

0021 Drove to vehicle shop, unloaded bredal and then returned the leased vehicles. Budget now 278.4k
0044 Took one fertilizing contract, then in-game night time came, fastforward to 0700hrs and luckily the field was still not fertilized and I had the contract.

- bredal k165 with extension and spreading discs 76k
- new holland t6 with engine upgrade 127k

0045 Purchased the above setup so I'm ready for some fertilizing contracts.
0052 started fertilizing F83, contract. First time with my own vehicle ;)
0106 finished fertilizing F83, collected contract reward 21,703. Budget now 81.8k
0126 After some time acceleration one lousy fertilizing contract came along.
0129 started fertilizing F88, contract.
0136 finished fertilizing F88, collected contract reward 7,956. "whohoo.."
0145 Got new fertilizing contract.
0147 started fertilizing F30, contract.
0214 finished fertilizing F30, collected contract reward 26,492.
0217 After in-game midnight there was forecasted rain coming. Two new fertilizing contracts, not paying too much but I'll take them.
0220 started fertilizing F43, contract.
0225 finished fertilizing F43, collected contract reward 4,557.
0233 started fertilizing F03, contract.
0245 finished fertilizing F03, collected contract reward 12,873.
0247 started fertilizing F04, contract.
0311 finished fertilizing F04, collected contract reward 34,242.
0312 In-game time 0610hrs it started to rain.
0320 started fertilizing F40, contract.
0331 finished fertilizing F40, collected contract reward 12,823.
0344 started fertilizing F78, contract.
0408 finished fertilizing F78, collected contract reward 39,257.
0418 started fertilizing F107, contract.
0427 finished fertilizing F107, collected contract reward 11,625.
0429 In-game time 1730hrs rain stopped.
0434 started fertilizing F94, contract.
0449 finished fertilizing F94, collected contract reward 22,548.
0501 started fertilizing F75, contract.
0521 finished fertilizing F75, collected contract reward 24,823.
0535 started fertilizing F62, contract. Had to record field_edge course to this one as the field itself is not working in courseplay.
0640 finished fertilizing F62, collected contract reward 81,318. Budget now 359k
0643 started fertilizing F72, contract.
0657 finished fertilizing F72, collected contract reward 13,872.
0706 started fertilizing F21, contract.
0715 finished fertilizing F21, collected contract reward 11,071.

Budget now 353.2k that is pretty nice amount of money, but unfortunately still not enough for even the most medicore starter vehicles where you dont have to suffer from the utterly useless vehicle performances anymore. I recall from my other start from zero career that it was more like well over half a million what you need to spend.

Dunno if leasing the good equipment for quick cultivating/seeding and then harvesting would be reasonable to get farm jump started.

0738 started fertilizing F81, contract.
0810 finished fertilizing F81, collected contract reward 55,339.
0832 Called it a night, was somewhat tired and again the game-play progress was in a kind of stalled state.

2019-05-06T0420 Long story short I deleted all my real world data terrains and was really disappointed / frustrated, I wanted to relax so thought about playing some FS19 and my only option with my terrains now being deleted is Midwest Horizons. So, lets continue.

Decided to get this career rolling and buying my first own field and minimum vehicles. I even considered taking out a loan which goes against the very core of what start from zero is about, but luckily at last minute decided against it.

- seeder 180hp vaderstad rapid a 600s 76k
- harvester rostelmash 4.5k liter with guidance steering 120k
- header 5m rostselmash powerstream500 32k
- trailer trans-space 8000 31k liter 35k
- land lot with F80 133.1k

0453 Purchased the above setup, budget now 5.9k. Heh not leave much for purchasing seed hehe. F80 is growing sugar beets so they will be cultivated under.
0500 Started seeding canola F80, over the growing sugar beets hehe
0511 Canola market price 2121 and decreasing
0553 Finished seeding canola F80
0556 Started fertilizing F80
0605 Finished fertilizing F80
0614 Started fertilizing F80
0622 Finished fertilizing F80
0624 Accepted contract for fertilizing F23, 13.4ha.
0628 Started fertilizing F23, contract.
0646 Finished fertilizing F23, contract, collected contract reward 26.6k
0650 Leased deltis 1302 mta3 sprayer for 630 per hour, 300 per day and 1.5k initial cost
0656 Started spraying F80
0714 Finished spraying F80

Fast forwarded through the night (x120 scale), then restarted FS19 to upgrade into new build of courseplay.

0753 Started harvesting canola F80. Courseplay duration 1h 24min, damn that 5m header heh.
0901 Sold canola in cooper farms grain for ?k
0945 Finished harvesting canola F80
1003 Sold canola in cooper farms grain for 59.8k, budget now 145.2k
1012 Started fertilizing F80
1021 Finished fertilizing F80
1024 Started lime spreading F80
1040 Finished lime spreading F80
1044 Started fertilizing F80
1052 Finished fertilizing F80
1054 Started seeding canola F80
1138 Finished seeding canola F80
1141 Accepted contract for fertilizing F16, F119, F12, F28, F41
1200 Started fertilizing F119, contract.
1252 Finished fertilizing F119, contract, collected contract reward 61.3k. Did mapUS sample terrain (weight images) while this was running :)
1256 Started fertilizing F41, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 7min, oh my... guess I'm going back to edit mapUS sample terrain hehe
1336 Finished fertilizing F41, contract, collected contract reward 47.2k.

1337 Shut down FS19, pretty tired and wasn't into playing for today anymore.

2019-05-07T0027 Back at PMC Gaming, farming continues. Started fertilizing F28, contract.
0029 Finished fertilizing F28, contract, collected contract reward 3.2k.
0033 Started fertilizing F16, contract.
0038 Finished fertilizing F16, contract, collected contract reward 6.2k.
0039 Started fertilizing F12, contract.
0048 Finished fertilizing F12, contract, collected contract reward 15.8k.

Budget now 267.3k quite nice boost by doing these few fertilizing contracts. Now I could buy more land but first things first, F80 needs weed spraying so I'm going to buy my own cheapo spraying system.

- sprayer tank kuhn pf 1500 1.5k liter 8k
- sprayer 12m kuhn deltis 1302 mta3 1.3k liter 30k

0054 Purchased the above sprayer setup.
0057 Started spraying F80
0115 Finished spraying F80
0123 Canola was growing in F80 and all I could do is wait for harvest time, so time acceleration until we get there (or have more fertilizing contracts).

BTW I installed gimp v2.10.10 back to PMC Gaming computer even though I want to keep PMC DevSurf editing separate from my gaming activities. Did this because running those long courseplay tasks is ideal time to ALT-TAB into gimp and edit some terrain files, like tonight I'm editing PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km cultivator_density image.

Also I need to take screenshots for this website of all my terrains FS19 in-game mapview screens for field numbers and states, plus some generic 3D landscape shots too, I cant do this as Gaming computer has no tool to even capture stuff (no I wont be using FS19 in-game screenshot key feature).

0213 In-game 1430hrs it started to rain. Looking at the field state the rain probably will be over by the time crop is ready for harvest.
0230 In-game 2030hrs my canola was ready to harvest but it was still raining.
0234 In-game 0327hrs rain stopped, lets harvest this canola shall we.
0235 Started harvesting canola F80
0246 As soon as I start harvesting two fertilizer contracts appear, how typical.
0345 Grain trailer was full but price of canola is very poor 1730 and I have no farm silo to store my stuff.
0347 Purchased small farm silo 100k liter placeable for 110k

Now that I got the first farm silo, I'm hoping this wont turn into endless wait for canola market price to increase, like what happened in my start from scratch FS17 cornbelt career where I waited literally days in real time for prices to increase heh.

0427 Finished harvesting canola F80
0437 Started fertilizing F80
0445 Finished fertilizing F80
0447 Started seeding soybeans F80

Decided to seed soybeans so I wont run out of space in the tiny farm silo right away, especially if I have to do yet another harvest after this one.

0535 Finished seeding soybeans F80
0536 Started fertilizing F80
0544 Finished fertilizing F80
0546 Took a small break to test out Hankinson, North Dakota 4km terrain.

1002 Well that break turned out to be a bit longer, joined someone else to play MP for few hours :)
1003 Fired FS19 back up, lets continue farming, well err, in my own savegame in singleplayer heh.
1008 Started fertilizing F02, contract.
1014 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 9.5k.
1018 Started fertilizing F06, contract.
1030 Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 17.5k.
1034 Started fertilizing F07, contract.
1048 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 18.2k.
1050 Started fertilizing F05, contract.
1052 Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 5.2k.

Budget now 160.7k so I could have bought one of the close by fields, but decided to do this harvest and then make new purchases. Hopefully by that time I already have some fertilizing contracts done as well.

1059 Started spraying F80
1114 Finished spraying F80
1140 Time accelerated until in-game 0540hrs when two things happened simultaneously; it started to rain and my soybean crop got ready to harvest haha
1156 In-game time 1005hrs I noticed that market price for canola was 2458! whoa, lets go sell! heh
1159 Sold canola in horizion coop for 76.1k
1202 Sold canola in horizion coop for 73.1k
1209 In-game 1724hrs it stopped raining, lets harvest some soybeans, yeah! Started harvesting soybeans F80. Courseplay duration 1h 25min.
1340 Finished harvesting soybeans F80

This soybean harvest got me 47,721 liters where canola brought in 60k liters. Much nicer yield in canola and its at good day almost at same sale price so yeah definitely keep seeding canola for now. Soybean market price was 2361 in cooper farms grain, so I sent tractor grain trailer there to sell using courseplay.

1350 Sold soybeans in cooper farms grain for 73.1k
1405 Sold soybeans in cooper farms grain for 39.4k

Budget now 410.3k which is pretty nice amount indeed. The combine of mine is pretty bad with 5m header, the next step up woulb be John Deere T560 with 7.6m header but I think overall I need more fields as my fertilizing, spraying and even seeding capability is mostly fine.

1412 Started fertilizing F80
1420 Finished fertilizing F80
1424 Started seeding canola F80
1513 Finished seeding canola F80
1514 Started fertilizing F80
1523 Finished fertilizing F80
1532 Was dead tired so time to shut down FS19 and get some shut eye, hopefully get to have busy day tomorrow editing, playing MP and then continuing this Start From Zero career as well.

2019-05-08T0449 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 fired up, lets continue farming.

Canola is growing, its in-game 2345hrs so lets time accelerate until something happens.

0452 Weeds grew on the field, lets get those killed off.
? Started spraying F80
0512 Finished spraying F80
0542 Started fertilizing F69, contract.
0607 Finished fertilizing F69, contract, collected contract reward 30.2k.
0612 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
0621 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 12.1k.
0625 Started fertilizing F66, contract.

0959 Back in my own FS19, midwest horizons, lets continue fertilizing F66
1004 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 22.3k.

Budget now 474.1k nice. I think its land purchasing time. Decided to purchase land lot which has F04 but right now its cultivated state so I'm going to play the market game and wait until its seeded, just hopefully its some good crop and not crap like potatoes or something which I wont touch. So time acceleration and waiting, in-game time now 1616hrs. Well in-game 1834hrs it got seeded, you guessed it, cotton. Sigh heh.

1041 Purchased land lot which has F04 for 358.4k
1045 Started seeding canola F04. Courseplay duration 1h 59min yikes! Heh this vaderstad 6m seeder :)
1046 Purchased land lot which has F05 for 55.2k
1316 Finished seeding canola F04
1318 Started seeding canola F05
1336 Finished seeding canola F05
1346 Started spraying F04
? Purchased GPS for my tractor 15k
1432 Finished spraying F04
1439 Started fertilizing F04
1504 Finished fertilizing F04
1509 Started fertilizing F05
1515 Finished fertilizing F05

1519 Was pretty tired, felt like I could play some more but I have probably been up more than 15hrs so better to call it a night here, more farming tomorrow.

2019-05-09T1124 Finally started FS19 up, lets continue.
1125 Started harvesting canola F80
1310 Finished harvesting canola F80

Yield for F80 canola was 60,969 liters. Market price was 2414 in horizon coop and decreasing so decided to go sell right away.

1323 Sold canola in horizon coop for 74.8k
1326 Sold canola in horizon coop for 72.2k
1329 Started fertilizing F80
1337 Finished fertilizing F80
1341 Started lime spreading F80
1355 Finished lime spreading F80
1357 Started fertilizing F80
1406 Finished fertilizing F80
1409 Started fertilizing F36, contract.
1432 Finished fertilizing F36, contract, collected contract reward 24.9k.
1444 Started seeding canola F80. Courseplay duration 44min.
1531 Finished seeding canola F80
1533 Started spraying F80
1605 Finished spraying F80
1612 Started spraying F04
1630 Finished spraying F04
1631 Started spraying F05
1640 Finished spraying F05
1645 Started fertilizing F04
1732 Finished fertilizing F04
1737 Started fertilizing F05
1745 Finished fertilizing F05
1751 Started fertilizing F11, contract.
1817 Finished fertilizing F11, contract, collected contract reward 35.8k.

1820 Was really tired so shut down FS19 for tonight, we continue later.

2019-05-10T1203 Fired up FS19 with midwest horizon, lets continue farming.

1228 Sold harvester rostselmash 330 for 71k and header powerstream500 for 18.9k
1230 Purchased header john deere 7.6m 625x for 49.5k
1235 Started fertilizing F03, contract.
1248 Finished fertilizing F03, contract, collected contract reward 12.8k.
1254 Started fertilizing F93, contract.
1303 Finished fertilizing F93, contract, collected contract reward 13.3k.
1314 Started fertilizing F99, contract.
1336 Finished fertilizing F99, contract, collected contract reward 32.6k.
1337 Started fertilizing F32, contract.
1346 Finished fertilizing F32, contract, collected contract reward 11.3k.
1349 Started fertilizing F17, contract.
1402 Finished fertilizing F17, contract, collected contract reward 11.1k.
1405 Purchased harvester john deere t560 with gps 300k, budget now 31.6k

Harvester upgrade is here. Hopefully with this 7.6m header we can manage to start make money more easier that F80 harvesting dont take 1h 25min anymore, also the new F04 is quite large which definitely take some time to knock out. Looking forward to this next harvest with my new combine.

1427 Started harvesting canola F80. Courseplay duration 56min, okay so shaved off just about half an hour of the harvest time, guess its okay start.
1532 Finished harvesting canola F80.

On this harvest got total of 61,498 liters canola out of F80.

1536 Started harvesting canola F04. Courseplay duration after headland and first row done 2h 15min (yeah forgot to check at start).
1639 Sold canola in horizon coop for 61k, farm small silo was full so had to sell, I'm glad the price was pretty decent at least.
1716 Sold canola in horizon coop for 62.1k
1735 Had been up 16hrs and most of it playing FS19 so it was time to call it a night.

2019-05-11T1208 Time to fire up midwest horizon and continue start from zero career :)

I decided that from tomorrow on I'll continue editing full time and leave playing as secondary only when I get so tired of editing for the current day that I want to relax a bit by playing. Basically what I want to do is to edit like one week straight 16hrs day full intensity (more details from PMC Terrains page) and stop wasting time by playing.

This means that midwest horizon start from zero story will be on hold for unknown amount of time. My plan is to edit my own terrain to playable level, not sure which one it will be most likely PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km which in big picture was my first terrain (its complicated). I want to start career in my own terrain which will continue until end of times. Its always better feeling to play on your own terrain. Also in the early parts of development you are doing game-play testing.

So todays midwest horizon start from zero will be my last for now, but I will play until my eyes wont stay open anymore. Interesting to see how much progress I can make, not much in the big picture but still hopefully can buy new land or maybe upgrade my vehicle fleet a bit. We'll see.

1223 Sold canola in horizon coop for 62.5k
1248 Sold canola in horizon coop for 62.7k
1320 Finished harvesting canola F04
1321 Sold canola in horizon coop for 62.9k
1325 Started harvesting canola F05
1326 Sold canola in horizon coop for 13.2k
1357 Finished harvesting canola F05

Between 1400hrs and 1429hrs I had some chow, the last time I checked canola price was 2033 and increasing, after done eating at 1429hrs the price had plummeted to mere 1745... oh wow, how many thousands did I lose during chow... man that sucks. FS19 really has some stupid market price stuff, I had no time acceleration and nothing going on, just waited 29min and poof market price goes to dogs. Beautiful.

1431 Sold canola in horizon coop for 51.5k, budget now 406.5k
1435 Sold vaderstad rapid a 600s seeder for 52.2k

- tractor massey ferguson 7726 with gps and twin wheels 232k
- seeder 9m pronto 9 dc 104k

1437 Purchased the above setup.
1438 Started fertilizing F80
1447 Finished fertilizing F80
1448 Started seeding canola F80. Courseplay duration 29min so about 15min shaved off from the previous seeders time.
1452 Started fertilizing F04
1520 Finished fertilizing F04
? Started fertilizing F05
1526 Finished fertilizing F05
1531 Started fertilizing F80
1532 Finished seeding canola F80
1544 Started seeding canola F04. Courseplay duration 1h 50min, oh wow heh.
1541 Finished fertilizing F80
1721 Finished seeding canola F04
1723 Started seeding canola F05
1739 Finished seeding canola F05. Started fertilizing F04
1807 Finished fertilizing F04
1808 Started fertilizing F05
1814 Finished fertilizing F05

Right after finishing F05 I shut down FS19, been up over 16hrs almost all of it playing so time to call it a night even though I'm not really tired yet. Tomorrow... well if I can stick to my plan there will be no playing, just editing. We'll see how it goes. So hopefully next entry to this midwest horizon start from zero story comes after a loong while :)