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2019-11-17 15 Hours Corn Harvest

2019-11-17T0142 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets get this F37 corn harvest done.

0145 Weather forecast predicts in-game 0600hrs 90% change of rain. Hope not
0400 Finished harvesting corn F37
0410 Started harvesting corn F33, courseplay ETA 4h 47min, 4x tools
0546 Night had fallen, in-game 1955hrs time to skip the night again

It rained in the night, so 11/mid-autumn in-game 0855hrs crops were wet. Okay lets wait until they dry up, at least weather forecast have no more rain now. In-game 1308hrs soil/crops are dry, harvest continues.

0746 Lunch break...
0829 Break is over, lets harvest some corn
1234 Lunch break, need to cook food...
1328 Feeding time over, now its CORN TIME!

Loading the savegame career after this break it was 400hrs played, heh nice. Many people don't play farmsim that much in their life and I clock it on one single savegame hehe.

1449 Night is falling, again. So we time accelerate until morning daylight
1801 Weather forecast shows rain for RIGHT NOW, actual weather status is cloudy and rain coming soon...
1819 Finished harvesting corn F33

Whoah that was some corn harvest day! More than 15hrs straight! Smiley :)

1834 Alright time to call it a night, not sure if I continue tomorrow somehow I feel exhausted and want to do some editing soon... hmm...

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