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2019-11-14 Soybeans Harvest With 8 Combines

2019-11-14T0139 New farming day has begun, PMC Gaming up, FS19 up, lets get to it.

04/early-autumn in-game 2000hrs, night is falling so we need to time accelerate until the morning light. Then we get to commence harvesting F02 soybeans.

0150 Started harvesting soybeans F02, courseplay ETA 1h 26min, 4x tools

Again it felt great to be back farming as it feels on most mornings heh. Another great farming day has started, cant wait to see what we can accomplish today.

0411 Finished harvesting soybeans F02

Alright another soybean field done. Soybean farm bin silos are now 6.306m liters and railroad silo 4 2.672m liters. I cant tell how much is on the farm 1 bin and in farm 2 bin.

Next field to go is F51 harvest ready soybeans. Nice 360ha size field heh, it will take a few hours to harvest. Need to dump grain into railroad silo 6 which is right next to the field, will be quick single truck operation.

- harvester claas lexion 8900 18k liter with guidance steering 504.5k
- header 18m midwest durus with colors 169.4k
- header 12m corn capello quasar hs16 90k
- trailer for header midwest durus 18m 22.5k

0509 Purchased the above list times four, budget now 1.472m

- dolly krampe 10l 9k
- truck lizard roadrunner with paint 165k

0514 Purchased the above list times two, budget now 1.115m

- trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with design 69.1k

0516 Purchased the above list times four, budget now 832.6k

- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- tractor fendt 1050 with twin wheels, guidance steering and engine upgrade 393.4k

051 Purchased the above list, budget now 325.8kk

Then had to transfer all my vehicles into F51 which was quite the ordeal, slow combines 42kph driving even through stupid sugar beet fields were just taking so long time to get there.

Idea was to try eight (8) combines in one field, I don't think it will be practical or even work maybe the crap FS19 engine loses all FPS performance to the courseplay hired workers we'll see. But at least I want to try it out so I can be able to say I did it.

0607 Started harvesting soybeans F51, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 8x tools
0810 Lunch break...
0833 Feeding done, harvest continues
1223 Finished harvesting soybeans F51

Whoah that was some harvest with 8x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers! Smiley :)

Total soybeans in the railroad silos 4 and now 6 is 5.372m heh and the same as before for farm bin silo 6.306m which is total of 11.678 damn million liters! Smiley :D

How about if we don't calculate how much money that will makes us heh, have to keep it as surprise, but yeah it will be decent amount Smiley :)

1248 Anyways its been a long day, time to call it a night.

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