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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2019-11-15 I Need A Bigger Boat

2019-11-15T0407 New farming day has started, wonder what we get to harvest today Smiley :)

Brought pickup truck 1978 to F51 and refueled almost 4 lexion 8900s, ran out of fuel in FST990, damn I need a bigger boat diesel fuel transport vehicle. Used the pickup to record courseplay courses from F51 to F46 which will be my next harvest destination.

Need to figure out some farm location in the NE where I can house my NE vehicle fleet.

Took a long time driving pickup truck 1978 from shop to F51 when bringing those midwest durus header trailers as I had a slight mishap with store delivery mod location when buying the trailers heh.

0547 Purchased diesel fuel placeable for 5.9k, placed it to farm 2 (in the center or so terrain)
0627 Relocated vehicle fleet NE to F88 which is harvest ready sunflowers

Night time had fallen so time accelerated to morning daylight, its now 06/early-autumn in-game 0725hrs.

F88 was so ridiculously small 4ha so I decided to harvest the sunflowers with single combine me driving using GPS.

0632 Started harvesting sunflowers F88, using GPS

After that megalomaniac 8x lexion 8900s monster harvest of 360ha it was actually nice to do such a small field and drive the combine myself. Now obviously this is just a nice change once in a while, I would never start to harvest larger field than single digit (even 9ha might be quite big already) like this, we have courseplay with multiple tools for a reason.

When I have been playing ArmA 3, Elite Dangerous or edited for weeks or months its always nice to get back to farmsim again. When this happens I often like to start small like "appreciate the little things" for example just small terrain with small starter vehicles. I loath the tiny terrains and especially those gamey console loser giants "maps" but then again great 4km terrains like Midwest Horizon or even PMC's own north dakota greendale... they are already too big for starter type appreciation of the little things, for my returning to farmsim purpose. Uhm difficult to explain.

Most of the time with massive large scale farming I'm in 3rd person view and often quite high camera zoomed out too so I can monitor the combines etc going around the field. So thats why I sometimes miss these down to earth small scale stuff you sitting in the combines cab right next to the ground and crops Smiley :)

0659 Finished harvesting sunflowers F88
0711 Started harvesting barley F87, using GPS
0735 Finished harvesting barley F87

Dumped the sunflowers and barley into railroad silo 2, wonder if I ever remember I did that and just always wonder "why is there sunflowers in my bin but I cant find which one!?" hehe.

06/early-autumn in-game 0923hrs it was raining, weather forecast shows raining at noon. Time accelerated until rain ended.

06/early-autumn in-game 1822hrs soil is dry, we are ready to start harvesting F85 and F46, but uh oh its early evening and not many hours of daylight left, but hopefully can at least get small 4ha F85 done before the dark.

1014 Started harvesting soybeans F85, using GPS
? Finished harvesting soybeans F85

1038 Purchased PMC farm bin silo large, placed it east side of F85. Budget now 131.1k

Was looking around where to dump the grain from upcoming F46 harvest and realized this NE sector does need its own farm bin silo because there is so many big fields around this area. So placed one next to F85 which had a nice flat terrain. This will be now my NE sector main farm and bin.

The goal is to have four sectors NW, NE, SW and SE where I purchase individual vehicle fleets. These vehicles of course need a farm headquarters even though I'm not much into the role play of parking vehicles into shelters when done not to mention the useless silly washing of vehicles, so some kind of location with vehicle shelter or two near the bin silo would be nice. Hell if nothing else they are a nice landmark to navigate towards Smiley :)

1043 Purchased two CBJ vehicle shelters 72x150 white shed for 35k each, budget now 61.1k

1102 Need to take a break, to go pickup my hardware delivery Smiley :)
1222 Alright hardware picked up as well as groceries for the weekend, now we continue farming.

Recorded courseplay courses for grain truck F46, also generated combine harvester field work course for F46, all good to go for the medium size harvest. But before that I need to skip the night and at the same time going to take a quick break to unbox my hardware, I want to get new headphones in use Smiley :)

1348 Break over, harvest will commence. In-game 1930hrs and still some daylight, decided to go as long as it gets dark
1350 Started harvesting soybeans F46, courseplay ETA 2h 4min, 4x tools
1459 Night had fallen, in-game 2039hrs I cant see the combines, lets time accelerate to the morning daylight
1700 Lunch break...
1739 Break is over, lets finish F46!
1803 Finished harvesting soybeans F46

Soybean storage farm bin silo 7.345m and railroad silos 5.372m liters (total 12.717m). Now we wait until NW corn or NE canola is harvest ready.

10/mid-autumn in-game 0759hrs all corn fields are ready to harvest.

1849 Purchased diesel fuel placeable for 5.9k, placed it next to CBJ vehicle shelter in NE.

1919 Started harvesting corn F43, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 4x tools
1945 My eyes are shutting down, cant keep myself awake, time to call it a night, we'll finish F43 tomorrow

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