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2019-11-13 More Soybeans Harvesting

2019-11-13T0033 New farming day has begun. Harvesting continues!

Immediately after entering the game it started to rain but it was not raining when I saved game last night, hmm. Even the soil moisture icon was not there and appeared after like 10-20 seconds. Sky was totally clear not a cloud in sight. This feels like buggy game or seasons behavior to me. Not a big deal of course, but if such thing as weather is buggy upon game restart... wonder what else.

I was very excited to play again which is weird as I just played last night, sure I ended it up a bit early and watched some TV to finish the day off, but still. Always nice to be fresh for new days of farming heh. Today I have one more soybean left from my old fields, then the still growing corn fields. The new soybean fields are far away so after this harvest I'm going to decide about buying first vehicles for the NE region fleet.

First need to time accelerate a bit to get over the rain and wet soil so we can get started with F25 soybean harvest. When its underway it should go by quickly, small 70 some-hectare field, piece of cake.

0049 Started harvesting soybeans F25, courseplay ETA 1h 13min, 4x tools
0321 Finished harvesting soybeans F25

That concludes my own existing fields soybean harvest. Now I still have few of the new canola and soybean fields to do.

0328 Need to take a break for planning what to harvest next, also lunch break I think...
0633 Break if over!

Purchased some real life hardware which took a while. Now back to farming, lets see how we are going to deal with those new fields, should we wait until our own corn fields are ready to harvest or what hmm hmm.

Decided to go harvest F02 soybeans first. Honestly I pretty much forgot about the plans to buy vehicles for NE sector fleet, so I just sent my existing harvester fleet towards F02 heh.

Refueling becomes a problem now, these beast's drink so much fuel and the thundercreek trailer while its great... its just not capable enough to provide fuel for this many vehicles and driving that pesky pickup 1978 truck back and forth seems silly. I need some 32k liter truck tanker trailer. I downloaded one but it was that kind of dumb european looking and haven't even tested it yet if its any good, zero error policy and all.

I was planning on buying another PMC Farm Bin Silo large and place it to the same coordinates I had it on my other savegame (seasons test) which allows me to use the existing courseplay courses. Dunno how to place it though, I cant remember the exact spot and while I have to edit items.xml for coords, dunno how the terrain sculpting thing does it leave ugly mark on the initial test spot heh.

Actually I want to buy all the vehicle shelters too which I used in the other save, kind of like recreating the mood from that save into this save, heh cooky.

Purchased another PMC Farm Bin Silo large and silo extension, two vehicle shelter 2 types and four vehicle shelter 3 types. Then saved game and edited items.xml to place them to the exact coordinates they were in my seasons test savegame. Had to do some landscaping painting but it was fine, on the next terrain upgrade I lose these landscaping edits anyways.

Now I have 22 million liters of farm bin silo capacity. Divided by the original farm by the F39 and this new one by F19. Good luck keeping tabs which silo has how much and what grains haha, oh well.

Budget now 4.681m

0909 Time for a lunch break...

Well one chore lead to another after cooking food and feeding myself that I ran out of time to properly continue playing, I had like hour and a half time left before bed time so decided its not worth to start up PMC Gaming and FS19 for such a quick gaming session.

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