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2019-11-11 Large Farmland Purchase

2159 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets wrap up F05 harvest.

I was really excited and enthusiastic to start play today, as usual. Cannot wait to get this F05 soybean harvest wrapped up and then to move on my own seeded fields.

2019-11-12T0124 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 S

That F05 (half+) was quite the harvest, but really strange that it didn't feel too overwhelming. Its difficult to say how many hectares of soybeans did I harvest the field is 1205ha but it was only half way seeded like maybe 60% seeded for unknown reason.

Then it was time to relocate my harvesting fleet to east at F29. Also the usual maintenance repairs, refueling etc chores for the farmer heh.

0159 Harvesting fleet relocated and refueled

F05 soybean harvest got me 5.451m liters, oh wow that converted with best market price to cash comes to 21.215m yes twenty one million hehe. So if we deduct the cost of the initial land purchase we get 15.997 million of profit, now is that crazy or what? WHOAH! Smiley :)

I'm going to haul soybeans from F29 into railroad silo 4 which is right next to the field. I kind of wanted to put the soybeans in farm bin silo, but its way too far away.

0220 Started harvesting soybeans F29, courseplay ETA 1h 32min, 4x tools

Felt good to be harvesting my own field work seeded soybeans, yes sure F05 is my field too but its just not the same if you get such bonus crop when purchasing a land lot. All the work hours and effort I put into F29 really makes the soybean harvest so much more rewarding.

0242 Lunch break, this time again shutting down FS19 for the duration...
0313 Alright feeding done, lets get back to farming
0316 It started to rain, except not... rain icon and combines stopped but no rain in 3D anywhere in sight. Hmm

Time accelerated over the rain, in-game 1853hrs crops were wet so have to wait.

Canola went into high demand on selling point 4, the price was 2622 which is like three hundred better than what I've normally seen the highest.

Now comes in a problem... PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 train network and train unloading is broken, so I cannot transfer crops using trains before I fix the terrain. This high demand would be awesome to sell but I cannot now... unless I edit the savegame XML files and magically just sell the canola by removing it from my bins and translating it to money.

This is borderline cheating because you not only skip the train hauling but also truck hauling (hey no way I'm going to haul 10+ million liters in a truck!), but as said... terrain is buggy, its not my fault (err) that I cannot sell my crops.

Currently I have canola in farm bin silo 4,120,196 liters and in railroad silo 4 whopping 9,031,805 liters.

After some consideration I decided to do it. Going to edit savegame XMLs and transfer canola to money. Don't call me a cheater when the frigging terrain is bugged, fix your terrain or shut the hell up! Smiley :D

Farm bin silo had 4120196 liters railroad silo 4 9031805 liters == 13,152,001 liters. 13152 x 2622 == 34,484,544 for crying out loud. My current money is 1,764,402 so I simply removed all of the canola and incremented my money with that sick 34.4 million, total cash now 36,248,946 haha, uuuh! Smiley :D

I really must say that feels so much cheating that its 50/50 flip of a coin for me how I see it, but it was explained and I made my decision, good or bad, it is done.

0353 Back in-game with 36.245m in cash MUHAHAH! ok ok, harvest continues Smiley ;)
0604 Finished harvesting soybeans F29

F29 soybean harvest was 1.120m liters, pretty nice haul.

0635 Need to take another lunch break here...
0742 Okay break is over, hmm what next

Money was burning hole in my pocket, I cant resist the urge to go shopping! shopping! Smiley ;)

0743 Purchased land lot with:
F30 in it for 6.310m
F12-F14 in it for 976.9k
F15 in it for 612k
F16-F18 in it for 1.056m
F03, F89-F92 in it for 4.126m
F10 in it for 266.9k
F11 in it for 291.2k
F19 in it for 269.7k
F01, F02, F31 and F32 in it for 1.555m
F20 in it for 1.298m
F21 in it for 1.308m
F22 in it for 2.609m
F50 in it for 964.9k
F49 in it for 1.133m
F48 in it for 1.119m
F09 in it for 440.5k
F46 in it for 594k
F45 in it for 411.3k
F44 in it for 618.5k
F43 in it for 245.7k
F42 in it for 236.4k
F41 in it for 247.1k
F51 in it for 1.818m
F52 in it for 1.096m
F83 and F84 in it for 712.9k
F86 in it for 104.6k
F85 in it for 95.5k
F87 and F88 in it for 573.9k

Budget now 5.148m heh. That is a whole lotta land! Smiley :)

I could have bought one more land lot from the southern edge of the terrain but why bother. Its good to leave some buffer money for vehicles like herbicide sprayers and low boy trucks are necessary, dunno if I expand my vehicle fleet into the NW and NE regions already, we'll see, well not with this 5 million anyway (I think).

Yeah this land purchase frenzy felt so gooooood! Heh its bizarre but I love shopping for hardware or some other such stuff in real life so this virtual land shopping spree was really nice too hehe.

On quick look we have few fields that have been seeded or even harvest ready, few of those fields were soybeans and canola, rest some useless time waste like wheat, oats not to mention garbage like sugar beets and potatoes which I'm going to plow under for sure.

Now I own HALF of this terrain, pretty accurately even as the field lines go nicely along the center axis too. Well half minus F40 the megalodon. Future field purchases has to be made after I tweak the _farmland image because remaining land lots are just huge with ten or so million price tags. Its not so much about the money but it is just lazy and ugly to have those huge _farmland image areas.

New fields with growing or harvest ready soybeans are F02, F46, F51 and canola F32, F44. Rest are as said trashy crops, I might take a nibble out of wheat field for seed factory but I most certainly wont be wasting my time any longer than necessary.

Its difficult to explain but these purchases are very exciting, getting the progress on the savegame but also I now have the old fields I got familiar with in my previous career savegames, so its kind of like returning home heh.

Also I'm excited to have this many fields what I have never ever have until now (FS19). How does such massive amount of fields effect my field work time, like do I start to run out of seasons 24 days duration to get fields prepared and seeded, who knows.

Thinking about it more now, I think its fairly certain I need to make my current vehicles as NW region and start purchasing vehicle fleet NE slowly, its just crazy to drive your vehicles back and forth with 16km terrain distances, you need vehicles which are dedicated to their own assigned area.

Anyways, exciting times indeed farmer Smiley ;)

0818 Started harvesting soybeans F24, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
1006 Finished harvesting soybeans F24

Railroad silo 4 has 1.915m liters of soybeans, so F24 harvest was about 795k liters.

1024 Decided to call it a night, have few chores to do before bed time. More farming tomorrow.

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