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2019-11-10 Harvesting Soybeans F05

2330 New farming day has started, PMC Gaming up, FS19 up, we are ready for soybean harvest!

Today I was in good mood as usual and very enthusiastic of farming PMC Grande Gardens 16km. I could not wait to get into harvesting. Obviously this is now just early morning enthusiasm as I cannot finish F05 harvest today, its almost the same size as previous F04 and that took me what three days to harvest. My enthusiasm is to finish all the soybeans and corn, all harvest for this year/season, but obviously that will be far into next week before its done if I play every day Smiley :)

I'm just having a great time harvesting soybeans now, its not even bothering me to know that this field will not be finished today, I'm enjoying every minute one at the time Smiley :)

2019-11-11T0138 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 N

0154 Started harvesting soybeans F05 Center, courseplay ETA 3h 33min, 4x tools
0442 Lunch break, but this time the soybean harvest is a bit slower pace so I'm trying to eat while play...
0508 All feeded up, lets get back to the farming with both hands

Both hands? Well when you're driving a grain cart auger wagon tractor and eating at the same time its quite difficult. When playing singleplayer with courseplay its often much of boring waiting, like those tv episode or even movie length field works where you need to do nothing, for example cultivating, plowing or fertilizer spraying with big enough tank etc. Then you can relax and eat multiple times during one of these field works.

However harvesting with my current setup, 4x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m header, two grain trucks under courseplay course and me driving manually fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster 70k liter auger wagon to empty the combines into trucks... that is hands on job constantly.

There are few downtimes of literally less than 30sec or so which is used to ALT-TAB unless I want to be bored staring at the screen waiting for combines to fill up, which I almost never do I always ALT-TAB to check out something in the background, for example writing THIS text heh.

So to sum it up, the massive harvest operations in F04 kept me really busy hands on all the time, that is why I wanted to take a clean break for eating so I don't have to stress over my combines getting full and me losing precious harvesting time heh.

0721 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 Center

0726 Short break
0824 Okay almost one hour break is now over

02/early-autumn in-game 1934hrs night is quickly falling, lets time accelerate until the morning light.

Refueled combines, they were getting a bit low. Auger wagon and trucks are fine. Oddly enough my todays starter enthusiasm, is all but gone, don't feel like playing much but its one of those things that if I stop playing now... what else would I do heh.

0845 Started harvesting soybeans F05 S, courseplay ETA 3h 33min, 4x tools

After harvesting a while I checked farm bin silo contents for soybeans, it was 3.893m liters which is quite crazy amount just from this land purchase "bonus". So I calculated how much profit do I get now even though the field is not finished yet, I almost fell outta my chair when I saw it was fifteen million! I'm getting my money back what I paid for this land lot and extra TEN million! haha I love this stuff Smiley :D

1036 Its been a long day, decided to call it a night. More farming tomorrow.

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