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2019-11-09 Thousand Hectare Land Purchase

2038 Back in PMC Gaming and FS19 booted up, lets finish this F04 canola harvest! Smiley :)

Feeling enthusiastic for today because the F04 will definitely be finished. As said many times F04 is 880ha big boy, so when I have gotten used to harvesting one field for THREE days straight, going back to those puny less than 200ha fields is like a cake walk, like stealing candy from a baby Smiley :)

I mean lets say I would harvest one of those tiny 55ha or even smaller fields next, it would feel like "WHOAH what happened? we finished already!?" type of thing heh. Its all about how you adapt into new standards and norm. When 880ha field harvest for three days becomes a norm, doing tiny fields is ridiculously easy.

But still, man what a beast that 880ha has been, that is for today (2019-11-09) I have never ever before harvested field this big. In FS17 Cornbelt did the 600ha field and in FS19 PMC Grande Gardens 16km I did F56 (527.960 ha) and F22 (611.811 ha).

History will be made tonight! Smiley :D

2137 In-game 2142hrs (pretty close heh) night is falling, need to time accelerate until morning daylight
2145 Recorded new grain truck courseplay course for F04 NE center

2019-11-10T0047 Finished harvesting canola F04 NE

It was awesome feeling getting this 880ha beast of a field done. History was made, now I can say I have prepared, seeded and harvested 880ha field.

F04 NE corner harvest was dumped into farm bin silo, there are now 2.757m liters of canola, railroad silo 4 has the existing 9.031m liters (total 11,789,746).

0125 Started harvesting canola F38, courseplay ETA 1h 30min, 4x tools
0252 Was getting bored so lunch break came to excatly the right time
0319 Lunch break over, we push on for F38 harvest

Just noticed that F05 AI owner is seeding soybeans currently Smiley :)

The field cost 5.218m and has been on my purchase list for quite some time now, in fact I have been holding on to my money right now waiting for this harvest season to be over before committing into new land purchases. Now that this field is going to be soybeans I am most definitely going to buy it as harvesting that field I'm getting my money invested to the land back for sure Smiley :)

0455 Finished harvesting canola F38

Farm bin silo has now 4.120m liters of canola.

Did some chores, transferred fertilizer from fert factory to seed factory and seeds from seed factory to farm bin silo, so the factory can produce more seeds. More is good, yes?

Refueled and repaired combines and auger wagon tractor. Then there was nothing for me to do, well not really. I got 3 fields fallow, 3 growing soybeans and 5 growing corn. Sure I could go herbicide spray cherry pick style some more but I decided against the whack-a-mole game, I could blanket spray these newly harvested fields but nah don't feel like it right now.

Time acceleration until next field is ready to harvest.

0535 Another hardware glitch (electric) and had to reset whole computer.

Something funky going on with F05 soybeans, HALF of the field is growing soybeans and other half is just cultivated, umm wonder what happened there. Hmm even half of the field is still good, but I must say this kind of put me off a bit, we'll see about purchasing this field hmm.

After short consideration I decided to buy the field as you just cant ignore such huge deal. The amount of soybeans I get from that field even its in half seeded poor condition will still be insane amount of liters and that sold... wow that pile of money I'm going to get.

0618 Purchased land lot with F05 in it for 5.218m

My new F05 is 1205.61ha according to in-game field info (land area 1304.56ha). The soybeans are not fertilized and they are growing some weeds too, but I am not going to bother taking care of these issues as this is just free money for me now, no reason to put in extra work on it.

17/late-summer, soybean and corn planting season is over. Now we just wait and time accelerate until we get to harvest our crops.

Weeds were growing pretty nasty especially in F24, but because I tried the cherry picking earlier I'm going to wait until the next seasons before I start to blanket spray all the fields. Sure its dumb to care for your fields... except not spray them properly, but yeah, like said...

01/early-autumn alright we are in soybean and corn harvest season now, crops are still growing, we are waiting.

02/early-autumn in-game 0727hrs soybean fields are harvest ready, aayeah!

Because F05 is some odd/bugged I need to manually drive courseplay outlines just for this harvest. First need to cut lines so I can drive like pickup truck recording that course.

0727 Started harvesting soybeans F05 by GPS driving cutting a line
0748 Finished cutting the line
0752 Lunch break, exited from FS19 as really need to take a break heh
0845 Done cooking and eating, lunch break over

0848 Started cutting second line
0908 Finished cutting the line

Next used pickup truck to record three courseplay courses for north, center and south outlines. That took a while, funny to think how long combining the contents of the outlines will take heh.

0958 Started harvesting soybeans F05 N, courseplay ETA 3h 5min, 4x tools

So I bought F05 for 5.2 million, then I split the soybeans to three sections and being harvested the first section not even half... I already had half of the field price in my farm bin silo as soybean grain ready to sell. Hehe I am going to make so much money of this soybeans on top of owning this huge piece of land it is simply insane.

1214 Getting tired, been up and playing over 16hrs straight... time to call it a night

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