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2019-11-08 Big Canola Harvest Begins

1904 New farming day has started, so same old F04 harvesting hehe

First order of business today is to drive a new grain truck courseplay courses for F04 NW south side and refuel all the vehicles. You gotta love large scale farming, day starts by refueling heh.

Took a while to get those refuel and truck routes sorted out this time heh.

1953 Started harvesting canola F04 NW, courseplay ETA 3h 26min, 4x tools
2118 Exited from FS19 for lunch break...
2142 OK lunch break over, we continue the harvest
2235 Need to take a quick half an hour or so break here
2312 Break is over, lets get back to farming

2019-11-09T0330 Finished harvesting canola F04 NW

F04 NW harvest felt like it went a little bit easier boredom wise than previous, but yes sure actually I'm going to take another relaxed lunch break right here as feeling good accomplishment for getting this corner done, only one more to go.

I am in pretty good (surprisingly good actually) spirits right now after that long harvest, but obviously this kind of farm sim playing is totally nuts I mean who harvests 880ha single field for three days straight 16hrs a day? Smiley :)

Dumped last grain truck loads to railroad silo 4 and now our canola deposit there is 9.031m liters! Smiley ;)

0343 It is time for a relaxed lunch break, I'll try to start NE last corner after but we will see
0427 Lunch break over

Railroad silo 4 is just about full, next grain truck route need to be... well to railroad silo 3 or perhaps directly to farm bin silo, man that is sure is long way for trucks to drive.

I could of course load that canola into the train grain wagons, those are 143k liters each and there are twenty of them. That would be 2.860m liters... nice amount but in grand scheme of things still quite low.

Decided to record courseplay course from F04 east edge to farm bin silo and back. Then refueled all the vehicles again hehe always the same thing at the beginning of each F04 corner Smiley ;)

0532 Started harvesting canola F04 NE, courseplay ETA 3h 18min, 4x tools

Here we go again, courseplay shows over three hours duration which I know will be twice as more in real life hours. I'm in a good mood, perhaps even enthusiastic to get this field done althrough I do realize it most likely wont happen on this gaming session. But all in all, lets enjoy the harvest and see how this last corner starts to shape up.

0803 Was getting kind of bored again, its been a long day of harvesting F04, time to call it a night. We continue tomorrow.

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