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2019-11-07 Trimming Factories

1853 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 fired up, we continue harvesting F04 SE corner...

Canola harvest with 4x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers and one grain cart is so hectic that you don't have a moment of downtime. One grain cart is not enough for this setup, but I'll rather have few waiting combines than me waiting for combines while watching youtube farming videos. Lunch break was coming up so I decided to just relax and shutdown FS19 while I eat, its just impossible to play and eat at the same time I would be just stressing myself out. The field will still be there after the lunch break Smiley ;)

1951 Exited FS19 for a lunch break...
2024 Lunch break is over, F04 SE harvest continues

2245 Finished harvesting canola F04 SE

It was a long harvest, courseplay duration wont mean much with 3h 10min estimated time because all the stops combines make when full are caused by my grain cart driving as one cart just cannot keep up with such volume of grain. The practical real life hours spent playing this harvest took probably TWICE as long, I'd say it was 6-7hrs (too lazy to do minute accurate calculation from the above hehe)

So lets say 7, hell round it up to 8hrs per one corner of this field, I'm still looking at least 24hrs of continuous harvesting game-play to finish the three corners. Heh that is some hard core harvesting for sure Smiley :)

F04 SE harvest of canola, which was in pretty good shape btw, got me 2.910m liters of grain. That's what I got now in railroad silo 4 and I'll continue to dump there until the capacity is full. If one corner gets 2.9m liters then the remaining three corners gets additional 8.7m liters and railroad silo 4 will run out of space (railroad silos are now 10m liter capacity) Smiley :)

Well we figure that out once we get there in three or so days from now haha Smiley ;)

Anyways. I drove new grain truck routes to F04 SW corner which goes again to railroad silo 4.

2322 Started harvesting canola F04 SW, courseplay ETA 3h 14min, 4x tools

2019-11-08T0113 Needed to take a lunch break again...
0216 Lunch break over, lets get back to harvesting. Need to refuel all those vehicles again heh.

Sold farmer_schubi's diesel fueld production factory as its useless, well ok not useless but WAY too expensive. It simply makes no sense, the placeable itself costs sickening 225k, then from 70k liters of canola you get like 20k liters of diesel fuel. Vertex design fuel tank placeable costs 5000 and sells you diesel super cheap compared to what the 70k liters of canola would profit if you sold it.

Got like 110k or something from the diesel fuel factory when I sold it. Bought the vertex design fuel tank for 5000 or some moneys.

0313 Vehicles fueled and good to go, harvest continues
0331 In-game 1610hrs weather forecast shows 60% chance of rain for midnight, uh, lets hope not...
0708 Lunch break, exited from FS19
0739 Okay lunch break is over, back to work

However immediately upon entering the game it started to rain, I have long suspected there is just slight difference between long running game session and whats written in the savegame XML files and saving & restarting the game might sometimes cause issues like this.

11/mid-summer in-game 1944hrs and the predicted rain was for midnight, but now all of the sudden seasons weather menu shows 1800hrs with 90% chance of rain and same for 2100hrs, mignight now is just overcast weather. Oh well, we start to time accelerate...

12/mid-summer in-game 0608hrs it rained bit during the night, soil and crops are now wet. Just a tad of time acceleration and 0715hrs soil and crop is dry, combines rolling out.

0818 Railroad silo 4 has now 5.220m liters of canola! Smiley ;)
0947 Finished harvesting canola F04 SW

Alright second corner of this 880ha F04 harvested, still another half of field size to go hehe. With todays harvest railroad silo 4 has now 5.960m liters of canola. If we do wild guesstimate calculation of how much money that makes with the best market price, its something around 13.8m and I still have half of the field to harvest, hehe crazy! that is just so crazy stuff! Smiley :)

I wasnt tired or exhausted just so bored for the continuous harvest grain cart driving back and forth without moments of peace. Also the two more days of same harvesting grind is kind of depressing hehe. Decided to call it a night here, there is plenty of more harvesting for tomorrow no need to start next F04 corner tonight, better to end it here with good feeling of accomplishment when SW corner just got finished.

1002 Shut down FS19, more farming tomorrow.

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