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2019-11-04 Seeding Corn In A Dark Place

1755 Back at PMC Gaming with FS19 started up, yesterday was a big failure but the show must go on.

Small explanation for yesterday is in place... I was really disappointed by my soybean seeding mistake, then some real life stuff annoyed me on top of that, plus all the usual farmsim 20FPS performance burnout boredom etc that I almost rage quit. I did the cultivating but I was literally red in the face angry pretty much ready to start slamming furniture around, luckily I never do such things and its extremely rare for me to get angry in the first place. When the cultivating was done I just saved the game and exited as it also was late at night for me already. I didn't write down play-by-play because just didn't feel like it. Honestly I still don't so below the re-seeding of soybean fields will be just cold three oneliners heh.

I am clearly in a very dark place, I have completely lost the will and enthusiasm to play FS19 now, what begun as complete obsession to play Start From Zero, to grow our farm (in both Midwest Horizon and here), its gone now, bye bye, adios! I am now simply playing because I don't have anything else to do, as sad as that sounds.

I'm not complaining don't get me wrong, I just want to be totally honest in these Start From Zero stories because as much as its about playing farmsim its also a lot to do how I feel while I play farmsim.

1833 Finished seeding soybeans F24
1924 Finished seeding soybeans F29
2008 Finished seeding soybeans F25

Well, done seeding now, finally.

Corn planting season has begun, now we are using four great plains YP-2425A planters pulled by Case IH Optum 300 CVX tractors.

Tried to start planting corn to F37 but nothing happened... then I realized that doh, great plains YP-2425A planter is not capable of cultivating itself and our field of course is NOT cultivated, its on plain harvested state heh.

The joys of corn planting or using non seed hawk equipment hehe.

Oh well lets go pickup Big Bud 450's with Flexicoil ST820 cultivators and get this field cultivated hehe. Luckily our other corn planting fields seem to be cultivated so not much field work to do.

2029 Started cultivating F37, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
2113 Finished cultivating F37
2114 Started seeding corn F37, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
2158 Finished seeding corn F37

When this planting finished I was almost out of seeds in the corn planters, lead vehicle had only 81 liters left and last one had 688 liters (as trailing vehicles travel less distance). This F37 size is 55.88ha so that is pretty rough estimate the 4x great plains corn planters get emptied on 55ha field.

I'm still not sure which tool is the best, the john deere db90 and db120 are extremely wide planters but their seed tank size is laughable. So no idea if lets say four db 120's could get this field seeded without refilling, I don't think so as the seed usage is standard and db 120 would just have 1400 liters less seeds per planter.

2211 Started seeding corn F33, courseplay ETA 2h 19min, 4x tools
2317 Herbicide sprayed F38 by cherry picking current weed patches
2322 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 34min, 1x tools
2357 Finished fertilizing F37

2019-11-05T0059 Finished seeding corn F33

Planting corn to 220ha field wasnt too bad with this 4x great plains YP-2425A equipment setup. I was expecting something very painful but this was pretty ok. In some way it was nice refreshing change for all that seed hawk canola/soybeans seeding, I mean sure of course I have planted a lot of corn in my time but still planting corn is far more foreign to me than seed hawk use.

Also I'm already sweating about how many millions of liters corn do I get to harvest from 220ha field hehe.

0103 Started seeding corn F34, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
0151 Finished seeding corn F34
0219 Started seeding corn F23, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
0257 Finished seeding corn F23
0313 Started seeding corn F27, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
0351 Finished seeding corn F27

All the seeding/planting has been done, all that remains is fertilizing F27 and F33, then just keeping an eye on weeds.

0353 Going to take a break by looking at the time most likely call it a night. This went pretty well today, satisfied feeling after getting all the seeding done.

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