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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2019-11-03 Seed Hawks Going To Work

1335 Back at PMC Gaming FS19 booted up, lets get those Big Bud 747's with Seed Hawk's rolling again, we got canola to seed! Smiley :)

1410 Refilled seed hawk seeds with 33k liters what I had left in elmers haulmaster, then sent haulmaster to pickup some more seeds
1510 Refilled seed hawk seeds
1641 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 29min, 2x tools
1713 Finished fertilizing F38
1725 Refilled seed hawk seeds

Four seed hawks seeding 880ha field require FOUR refills, that is pretty crazy. Also worth to mention that the fourth refill became just before last row, in the last row I needed only two big buds because how the courseplay course was generated, but yes 880ha == 4x seed hawk refill.

1749 Finished seeding canola F04
1801 Started seeding soybeans F25, courseplay ETA 30min, 4x tools

This F25 is 73.146 ha in size and its almost too small for four seed hawks. Well, almost... 30mins is nice time to seed and imagine multiplying that by four if we would be using only one tool. But yes with small fields you quickly can run into traffic jams and confusion on your own part that "which tool was going where again???" and that is no fun. Huge fields are much more simpler.

1850 Finished seeding soybeans F25
1905 Started seeding soybeans F29, courseplay ETA 41min, 4x tools
1956 Finished seeding soybeans F29
2008 Started seeding soybeans F24, courseplay ETA 31min, 4x tools
2048 Finished seeding soybeans F24

2049 Shut down FS19 as I needed a break...

2019-11-04T0103 Back in PMC Gaming and we continue farming

Corn planting weather has not arrived, we need to time accelerate but in the mean time I'll refill seed hawks and park them somewhere.

0111 Ran out of seeds in elmers haulmaster, need to go pickup some more
0126 Seed hawks refilled with seeds
0144 Big Bud 747's diesel refilled (well ok except lead vehicle its about 90% full)

Now we time accelerate until weather and soil is ready for corn planting.

The soybean planting I just did... was a complete mistake, in my seed hawk excitement after the canola seeding I just went and proceeded with soybeans... paying no attention that while canola is seeded with +6C soil temperature soybeans require +10C. Uh oh!

This is such a major mistake that I immediately thought about restoring a backupped savegame, but I haven't taken any and dunno how FS19 itself handles those. Yes restoring a backupped savegame is kind of cheat, well in some ways.

With seasons and planting failing due soil temperature... not sure what I can or need to do next, do I need to cultivate the fields over the badly failed soybean seeds or can I just use seed hawk and seed again? No idea.

I went through the FS19 backupped (not me) savegames, there was only recent ones and one where I had just started seeding canola on F04. This means there is no way for me to restore the savegame between F04 seeding completed and the huge mistake soybean +6C seeding started.

What is done is done, I'll face the music with the soybean seeding. I bet it requires cultivation before re-seeding at best, or worst... the whole field is "lost" for this season.

The soybean fields show growth: planted, before previous and previous: fallow. Interesting. So if its fallow then I can continue my normal crop rotation planting on them (which would be soybeans by coincidence). The question remains, how and when, do I need to cultivate these seeds under or what...

This is heart breaking to see my soybean seeds going to waste, I mean those fields werent actually huge but they still took a while to seed and definitely took a bunch of seeds which are precious commodity in the farm, they are not to be wasted.

Well now I have this experience with seasons, never thought I'd make such lame mistake of seeding when soil temperature is not suitable heh, oh well.

16/mid-spring in-game 0658hrs, +11/+9C, weather forecast shows no minimum temperatures below +10C anymore so its just matter of time (acceleration) until we are in corn/soybean planting season. F24, F25 and F29 show planted and fallow.

17/late-spring in-game 0658hrs (yes exactly same as yesterday hehe) overnight soil temperature hit +10C. F24, F25 and F29 show planted and fallow.

I tried to seed F24 with a seed hawk, but nothing happened the seeder acted like usual when trying to seed over already seeded field; no seeds get expended. So yeah I need to cultivate the fields first, sigh. Oh well, better get to it then...

- tractor big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- cultivator 500hp 24m flexicoil st820 186k

0322 Purchased the above tractors twice and cultivators four times, budget now 2.006m.

Cultivated F24, F25 and F29, heck if I know when..
0631 I'm so done...

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