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2019-11-05 Herbicide Spray Cherry Picking Weed Patches

1432 New farming day has started, FS19 booted up, lets wrap up the planting season.

1444 Herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04

My general thought is that its better to just blanket spray the whole field (using courseplay) and be done with it, no need to worry and check the fields every so often for weeds, stressing out what is too much weeds and what is not. But I really don't have enough experience to make that judgement yet, sure I have been playing with seasons since 2019-07-24 day after its release but still haven't put my finger on the weed randomness.

Manual states that first year is easier, cant really say I like that approach because it really gives false impression on every savegame you start, especially if you do those terrain upgrades and have to revert back to year 1 constantly. Read somewhere else that weeds get more aggressive on every harvest.

1511 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 2min, 2x tools
1534 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1618 Finished fertilizing F33
1714 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1715 Started fertilizing F27, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1742 Finished fertilizing F27
1759 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1853 Herbicide spray cherry picked weed patches F24

18/late-spring in-game 1028hrs, all fields seeded/planted, fertilized (mostly last year already) and weeds sprayed so far. All fields germinated and growing.

Now its just time accelerating waiting for possible weeds to grow and then finally crops are ready to harvest. Can't wait for harvest season Smiley :)

21/late-spring in-game 0723hrs, weeds are very slowly growing back to my fields. No weeds yet for F23, F25, F27 and F34, dunno why.

24/late-spring in-game 0634hrs, weeds have grown quite a bit now, almost feels like it would have been simpler just blanket spray everything after harvest to be done with this guessing game. Right now I need to go cherry pick spraying total of 5 fields. Then I'm not sure if the weeds still grow but today is the last day before earliest canola harvest days, so gotta get it done now.

1933 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F24
1938 Finished spraying F24
1951 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F29
1954 Finished spraying F29
? Started and finished herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04
? Started and finished herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F33
2021 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F37
2024 Finished spraying F37
2026 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F38
2029 Finished spraying F38

Depending on the field it really doesn't take long to spray cherry picking the weed patches. This method also consumes bare minimum amount of herbicide. But you run the risk of whack-a-mole, you spray the field then fast forward and then more weed patches pop up and you start again, that gets old real fast.

What is really frustrating is the driving around especially on these large terrains. You load sprayer to a low boy, drive to the field, unload the sprayer and spray the field, if you have to repeat this many times due cherry picking it REALLY gets old fast.

With cherry picking it is already too much to return into same field the second time. When you do that you realize it would have been simpler just blanket spray the whole field after harvest and be done with it...

Its also worth to consider that if you have a huge field like F04 which is 880ha and it gets about 10 or even less patches... is it worth to go spray them?

01/early-summer in-game 0653hrs, so finished spraying then time accelerated to this moment and new weeds have popped up in F04 and F24. That is it, I'm going to purchase dedicated herbicide sprayer vehicle setup and pre-emptively blanket spray every field after the harvest. This kind of whack-a-mole mickey mouse game is waste of my time. Lesson learned.

I'm going to wait few more days until the crops grow or it seems no more weeds pop up, then go YET AGAIN spray these fields, for one last time. Just have to be careful that the fields wont switch to harvest ready stage before I get to them. Although no big loss, there are very few weed patches currently, would not be a big yield loss for them.

Hmm actually I'm going to time accelerate until the growth stages get to dark green which is the last one before they switch to harvest ready, that is a good sign to go spray a field.

Oh and the soybean selling date is coming up soon, still days away but have to be careful not to miss it as I have 837k liters to sell.

2043 After time accelerating F04 is dark green with weed patches
2049 Decided to take a lunch break, just wanted to take hands off keyboard for a while
2203 Back at FS19, lets spray some fields
2209 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04
2214 Finished spraying F04

F04 was growing canola which was flowering state, it was impossible to see the new weeds which were in the small green plant stage. I had to look mapview to guide my sprayer on the weeds.

This is another reason which makes pre-emptive blanket spraying the best option.

Alright so F26 is harvest ready barley, this was the field that I bought already seeded. Lets get to it. First I need to drive a truck grain haul line somewhere, then get combines and go pickup regular headers.

Dumped seeds from elmers haulmaster into railroad silo 4, no idea if these silos are meant to store seeds at least I cant see them on the ESC selling points menu heh, hopefully I can load the seeds back from train.

Then drive the combines with corn headers into the railroad silo where the normal headers were stored. Hmm I really need to buy header trailers for the midwest durus monster headers, its waste of time driving these combines around for no reason other than to go pickup headers from where ever.

- trailer for header midwest durus 18m 22.5k

2300 Purchased above times four, budget now 1.892m

Recorded courseplay course from F37 NE to F26 NE and send lexion combines on their way. Man it takes forever to move these slow girls.

Back in FS17 I split my vehicles to four sectors, NW, NE, SW and SE. It was easy to switch into different regions vehicles using deckers vehicle group switcher, this way I didn't have to drive slow big buds across the terrain every time when I change fields, each vehicle group had their assigned sector where they always stayed. Not the most efficient way to use vehicles, like having EIGHT big buds instead of just two, but yeah it is just crazy to drive any vehicle let alone slow big ones across the terrain.

And in FS17 I mostly played in North West Texas and Parker's Prairie, in my Cornbelt savegame I didn't manage to get that far to split my vehicles into four sectors before FS19 was released. So far I have not had large enough operations (relatively) in FS19 to split my vehicles up. Time will come, soon Smiley ;)

In FS19 we have vehicle explorer mod which feels much more comfortable to use than FS17's vehicle group switcher. I'm very happy checking out info and switching to my other vehicles in vehicle explorer now. Yes it does not have labels for vehicle groups its actually one huge long list, which kind of sounds bad but in practice its very easy to use and I at least so far can easily see which vehicle is in which region of the terrain etc. I really love how you can see the statistics of the vehicle like wear, dirt, fuel and fill levels if available.

2339 Started harvesting barley F36, courseplay ETA 2h 10min, 4x tools

2019-11-06T0113 It started to rain in-game 01/early-summer 1851hrs even though weather forecast predicted it to 2100hrs

Then night fell and had to time accelerate until the morning daylight, in-game 02/early-summer 0610hrs crops are wet... more time accelerating and in-game 1831hrs crops are dry, lets continue harvesting.

0213 Another lunch break, the barley harvest was really tedious heh, I don't like barley
0315 Lunch break over, lets continue this damn barley harvest
0418 In-game 2020hrs it started to rain, forecasted raining for next 24hrs ! whoah!

So time accelerating until the weather improves and crops dry up...

More weeds to F04 hehe, oh well like said I am going to blanket spray the fields from now on. Weather forecast shows clear skies for tonight 2100hrs, lets see if by tomorrow morning the crops were dry to harvest.

0428 In-game 04/early-summer 1440hrs crops are dry, lets harvest
0614 Finished harvesting barley F36

F26 is 135.571 ha in size, it did not look that big on the map, heh. Harvesting this field took a really long time, courseplay ETA was 2h 10min and that was ridiculously LOW number in comparison as in real time it took more than TWICE that long. This was mainly because barley yielded so crazy amounts that combines got full twice in one pass and had to constantly stop because single grain cart could not keep up.

For next time when you purchase a field which is lets say larger than 50ha and barley... just plow it under man, its not worth wasting your time harvesting that crazy yielding worthless barley. Save your time to canola/corn/soybeans.

F26 barley (not even fully fertilized) yielded 2.362 million liters haha.

0627 It was getting late and started to be a bit exhausted so decided to call it a night here, this harvest was nice accomplishment for today.

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