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2019-11-02 Selling Corn And Equipment Purchase

1229 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets wrap up this field work prep for next season.

Courseplay with the 43k waypoint F04 course (and F29 plow course as well) really bogged down FS19 startup, it took over 10 minutes to parse through the existing saved courses before savegame was loaded. As always you should not save huge courses, but I rather save it and continue just by loading it than generating a brand new course after each startup and then try to align the vehicles to it.

1245 All three courseplay courses up and running, we continue...
1253 Update; plow courseplay ETA 56min, cultivator ETA 13min. We are slowly getting there
1314 Courseplay portion of F04 cultivating was done, now just have to GPS manually fix the SE corner (field definition issue)
1357 Finished cultivating F04
1405 Finished ploughing F29

Uuaah finally those life sucking practically day long field work tasks were done. Now still got two fields to cultivate and fertilize, then we are done for this season.

1421 Started cultivating F23, courseplay ETA 49min, 2x tools
1428 Started fertilizing F29, courseplay ETA 34min, 2x tools
1507 Finished fertilizing F29
1518 Finished cultivating F23
1523 Started cultivating F28, courseplay ETA 1h 36min, 2x tools
1532 Started fertilizing F23, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1552 Finished fertilizing F23
1707 Finished cultivating F28

03/early-winter in-game 1809hrs, its dark so time acceleration until the morning daylight.

1718 Started fertilizing F28, courseplay ETA 32min, 2x tools
1752 Finished fertilizing F28

All done for this season! Smiley :)

Here is the list for field states as of now, as you can see we have few fields which need to be fallow on next year and rest are ready for seeding/planting:

F04 seed canola
F23 seed corn
F24 seed soybeans
F25 seed soybeans
F26 all done, barley growing Smiley ;)
F27 seed corn, fert
F28 fallow?
F29 seed soybeans
F33 seed corn, fert
F34 seed corn
F35 fallow
F36 fallow
F37 seed corn, fert
F38 seed canola, fert
F39 fallow

There was few lucrative fertilizing contracts but I had so much work to do already that I really do not need any more haha. So next we are going to time accelerate until we pass the winter and arrive to spring when we are able to start seeding canola and then later corn and soybeans.

08/early-winter in-game 1535hrs corn market price hit record high (for me) 1556 and guess what... it was on selling point 8 which is basically IN my farm Smiley :)

So obviously I'll load up rubicons to low boy tailers and drive my trucks to the farm HQ and get ready for to sell my corn from the farm bin silo. Aayeah gimme that money!

1842 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109k + 109k

Right after that first selling my hardware glitched so that mouse started to make windows beep noise every time I pressed LMB, so that mean I needed to reboot my machine.

1935 Computer restarted, FS19 back up, lets continue. Corn market price on selling point 8 is now 1561 and increasing.

1937 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.3k + 109.3k
1944 Time accelerated one hour and price stabilized at 1566, ok lets sell
1945 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1948 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1952 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1954 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1958 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2000 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2005 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2007 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2012 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2013 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k

Oh market price increased to 1569

2018 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k
2020 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k
2022 Loading last load, only 79k liters left in the bin silo
2024 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k, this was the last full truck load
2026 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 15.3k, thats it, all corn sold

Budget now 3.558m which is pretty nice amount, didn't even expect anything cool from the corn sales and almost forgot them for this season. I don't have any plans on purchasing anything, but definitely need to improve that cultivator and plough equipment as it takes forever to do those tasks now.

FS19 is such an crappy engine that once you have more than 5-6 vehicles running under courseplay (so hired AI) the performance goes to the dogs, when I was doing this seasons cultivating it was pretty constant 20 FPS performance which is atrociously bad. So if I buy more equipment it just means more lag, but yeah if two big bud 450's pulling john deere 2410's already cause at least 30 FPS maybe even less performance... when it sucks what difference it makes how much it sucks.

08/early-winter in-game 1940hrs started to time accelerate in small increments, corn market price topped at 1581.

09/mid-winter in-game 0153hrs it started to snow, at in-game 0835hrs there was snow in the ground even though the snowfall had ended hours before Smiley :)

Snow stayed in the ground for couple of in-game days.

22/late-winter sunflowers market price peaked at 2522 in selling point 7 (not that I care but I have 647k liters what needs to be sold).

It was 24/late-winter, I saved the game, backupped the saves, upgraded to Seasons v1.0.1.8-beta build 35 from 2019-10-31 and started the game back up again. We are ready for another year Smiley :)

01/early-spring sunflowers market price peaked 2551 in selling point 10. The price was good so decided to go sell the 647k liters I got.

2247 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2248 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2306 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2307 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2313 Loading up last of the sunflowers
2322 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 44.3k

All the sunflowers are sold, budget now 5.169m

Was looking at the nearby fields and only thing right next to my farm are the monster sized fields to which I don't have enough money now and well F40 I would be save for last anyways as its the crown jewel of this terrain hehe.

So I'm going to purchase some vehicles, not sure what yet. My harvesters are good they are actually the best, the mentioned cultivating / ploughing equipment does need an upgrade for example the john deere 2410 to flexicoil st820 and just more plows and tractors.

Fertilizing... well two rubicon 9000's work pretty nice but I could of course get some more, but if my fields now take about 15-40min average to spray that is pretty ok. Having more sprayers is just more work to low boy them around I think. Sure at some point I do increase the sprayer number to four definitely but don't feel like doing it now.

Fertilizing tankers I could use more or rather dedicated fertilizing and herbicide UTTS-32000 tanker trailer so I don't have to swap that liquid back and forth every time.

Hmm what else... two seed hawks is fine and four great plains corn planters... dunno how many planters do we need for the big fields, still needs to be tested.

Actually to think of it more the vehicles and equipment are pretty decent already, just minor tweaks there to improve our fleet.

09/mid-spring in-game 0737hrs weather is now +6/+6C so I could seed canola but I'm in no hurry because four days from now weather forecast predicts minimum temperature of +3C which is deadly for new seeds. Not that the soil would cool down so much overnight but still, why risk it. With 24 day season there is so much days to time accelerate so lets not start too soon.

And hardware glitch again (its a long story and I wont be telling it here), had to cold reset the whole computer, luckily didn't lose any progress because I was just time accelerating waiting for seeding season weather.

11/mid-spring weather forecast predicts lowest temperature from now on is +8C (day after tomorrow), so guess I'll start seeding canola then. Planting season has started aayeah! Smiley :)

I am really excited about this planting season, so much work went into getting the fields ready so it feels very good now to start putting seed into the ground. It feels like I spent real life days to prepare these fields.

This is not yet the largest farmsim operation I have played, the seasons test on this same terrain was a bit bigger, but that was just test so it don't really count. I'm enthusiastic to grow my farm in this savegame which is legit, no cheating, no crap (ie placeable money making cheat mods like that other savegame I mentioned), cant wait until this savegame gets so big as the other one and yeah bigger of course as the goal is to purchase all the fields in this megalodon terrain Smiley :)

2019-11-03T0135 Started seeding canola F38, courseplay ETA 1h 11min, 2x tools

Oh man it felt so good to be running big bud 747 with seed hawk putting some seed to the ground, it feels like forever since I was seeding the last time, it definitely is real life days ago heh.

Headland wasnt even done yet when I was already thinking that hmm, maybe the seeding fleet does need an upgrade, four seed hawks doesn't sound that bad Smiley ;)

0251 Finished seeding canola F38

Ah first field in this second year seeded, great. Next on the list is that F04 my biggest field in this savegame which is monstrous 880 hectares... yeah I think we need to buy couple more seed hawk setups hehe.

But first I topped off these two guys with seeds.

0323 Purchased 2x big bud 747 and 2x seed hawk Smiley :)

Had to record courseplay course around F04 to get that nice outline for it, otherwise the generated course looks bad because terrains field definition is bugged somehow.

0351 Started seeding canola F04, courseplay ETA 5h 10min, 4x tools

Well five hours and ten minutes of seeding with FOUR seed hawks hehe. This is large scale farming, you knew we do things big so stop being shocked by these field work times hehe. But man imagine if I had started this with only two tools, over ten hours duration and surely they would have ran out of seeds couple of times Smiley :)

When we get to harvest this 880ha field, that will be fun day of game-play that's for sure heh Smiley ;)

0532 Third hardware glitch of today, that is a new record for me and sucks big time. I was already pretty tired on borrowed time so with this cold reset required to the computer I decided to call it a night. More farming tomorrow, refilling seed hawks is coming up.

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