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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2019-11-01 Crazy 13 Hours Cultivating Field Work

2019-11-01T1454 Aand back at PMC Gaming as I have nothing better to do, firing up FS19 and off to farm.

Was really fed up playing yesterday. Today did my monthly chores and then just realized that nothing interests me editing wise, so as I had nothing else to do... I falled back to what I know, farming heh.

First I'm gonna take Fendt 1050 with john deere 2623 plow and go fix the edges on several fields which has annoying red plow line.

1512 Plow fixed edge in F04 east side
1516 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 2min, 2x tools
1527 Plow fixed edge in F25 south and east sides
1531 Plow fixed edge in F29 south west side
1535 Plow fixed edge in F28 east side
1540 Started cultivating F04, courseplay ETA 13h 18min, 2x tools

Haha hilarious 13hrs field work Smiley :D

F04 is about 880 hectares so its a big boy. Was considering splitting it to two maybe even four sections, but decided to go as is. Courseplay generated 43,691 waypoint course heh.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km has about 5 fields of this size and then the monstrous biggest field in history. Interesting to see that courseplay did work on such field size, I have even seen over 50k waypoint courses but cant remember if this was back in FS17 hmm anyways.

This field work will not be finished today because I fall a sleep before this is done. Not only that but I get bored to DEATH if I'd sit here for 13hrs while big bud 450's are pulling john deere 2410 5 section cultivators around. But we will keep going and dunno most likely I watch some tv etc while this is running. Lets see how far we get today.

Oh and imagine once this field is seeded with canola, the amount of liters we get out of this will be insane Smiley :)

1628 Finished fertilizing F33
1705 Started ploughing F27, courseplay ETA 2h 32min
1717 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools
1812 Finished fertilizing F39
1951 Finished ploughing F27

2037 Bored out of my mind, F04 cultivating course still has 8h 15min left heh, I'm going to watch tv and idle on the background Smiley :)

2358 Started fertilizing F27, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools

2019-11-02T0015 Finished fertilizing F27
0047 Started ploughing F29, courseplay ETA 4h 59min

0445 Getting tired, time to get some shut eye. Hopefully can finish F04 tomorrow and in overall this season is pretty much over.

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