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2019-10-31 Cultivating, Fertilizing And Spraying

0848 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue...

0900 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0922 Finished fertilizing F34
1009 Started fertilizing F26, courseplay ETA 44min, 2x tools
1054 Courseplay was not configured properly and big bud 450 with john deere 2410 cultivator left nasty patches at the end of the field, so GPS manual fixing
1101 Finished fertilizing F26
1105 Finished cultivating F39

Took a 20min break to refresh myself.

1129 Started spraying F26, courseplay ETA 43min, 2x tools
1147 Started cultivating F36, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1214 Finished spraying F26
1232 Started fertilizing F24, courseplay ETA 23min, 2x tools
1255 Finished fertilizing F24
1256 Finished cultivating F36
1258 Started cultivating F35, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1302 Started fertilizing F28, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools

1330 Way too tired and mind going blank (bored?), time to take a nap...

1615 Nap over, now we work some ground
1623 Finished fertilizing F28
1638 Started lime spreading F24, courseplay ETA 48min, 3x tools
1645 Finished cultivating F35
1737 Finished lime spreading F24

01/early-winter in-game 1730hrs (heh almost same as in real life), night has fallen going to time accelerate until morning daylight.

1740 Started cultivating F34, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1748 Started fertilizing F25, courseplay ETA 24min, 2x tools
1819 Finished fertilizing F25
1841 Finished cultivating F34
1843 Started cultivating F33, courseplay ETA 3h 22min, 2x tools

2013 FS19 froze twice while refilling liquid fertilizer to rubicon 9000. My patience is running real thin here...

2015 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
2038 Finished fertilizing F34

It was lunch time but I was so bored or... lack of farming enthusiasm that while going to eat I decided to leave F33 cultivating running alone. I almost always eat while playing but now I'm planning on watching some tv or something, otherwise I would just shut down PMC Gaming and probably not play anymore today. Hey at least I get the cultivating done today.

2235 Finished cultivating F33
2237 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
2259 Finished fertilizing F35
2301 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2320 Finished fertilizing F36

2321 Its time to call it a night, even with lunch and tv breaks I cant keep enthusiasm up it has just become a chore... we'll continue when we get the enthusiasm back...

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