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2019-10-30 New Land And Equipment Purchases

0844 FS19 fired up, lets wrap up the grain selling and get them moneys Smiley :)

0906 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 162.7k
0907 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 162.7k
0916 Loaded up last of the canola
0927 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 109.3k

Okay last load of canola has been sold, budget now 11.662m Smiley :D

24/late-autumn in-game 0740hrs, time accelerated into the morning while planning on some purchases.

1018 Made some great land purchases, purchased land lot with:
F23 and F24 for 647.2k
F26 for 833.8k
F25 and F27 for 674k
F28 and F29 for 1.103m
F04 for 4.603m

And some vehicle upgrades, gotta put some power to the ground quicker.

- 4x planter 280hp 18.2m 5800 liter great plains yp-2425a 142k
- 4x tractor case 300 optum with guidance steering, twin wheels and engine upgrade 277.5k
- seeder 640hp 25.6m vaderstad seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft 290k
- seeder air cart seed hawk 980 air cart with twin rear wheels 190k
- tractor big bud 747 with gps and twin wheels 432k
- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k
- 2x tractor case 240 with guidance steering and twin wheels 231.5k
- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- tractor to pull cultivator big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k

1028 Purchased the above list, budget now 248.2k Smiley :)

Shopping! Shopping! Smiley ;)

Well this massive upgrade to our farm land lots and equipment should last us for couple of harvests maybe. I think our plowing and cultivating strenght is a bit weak so we'll see how it goes.

I was thinking of doing one harvest with PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 and once I have mega amounts of crops in farm bin silo and possibly in some railroad silos, I can then do the terrain edits and upgrade terrain plus seasons savegame which definitely is not going to be easy.

- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k

1059 Purchased above as my fleet was one short.

1126 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 40min, 2x tools

In some odd way after all that time spent harvesting... it felt refreshing, really good to be back in "regular" field work like fertilizing, heh sounds strange I know. I bet this mood quickly passes when we get into those 2hrs+ courseplay ETA's haha

For crop rotation I made a field info list of all my fields now, but still trying to learn to memorize all that legume, oilseed, nightshade and fallow stuff so I can just take a glance at the mapview and right away know what to seed/plant next or if I need to leave the field fallow.

I'm not sure if seasons crop rotation is just the extra layer of fertilization, or do I get yield penalty even with 100% fertilized, limed, plowed and 0% weeds when I spam the same crop type over and over again. Seasons manual does not state anything regarding this, I think it assumes users "get it" fully from the crop rotation planner menu tool. Edit: yes crop rotation gives you penalty even with everything 100% ok if you just keep spamming like soybeans every year.

1215 Finished fertilizing F39
1217 The game froze when started refilling rubicon 9000 from utts-32000 tanker, as usual
1223 Once again finished fertilizing F39 Smiley ;)
1225 Unbelievable! Drove rubicons and tanker truck next to F38, saved game, started to refill first rubicon and ZZZZUP, freeze Smiley :(
1228 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
1308 Finished fertilizing F38
1319 Started lime spreading F39, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 3x tools

Three lime spreader vehicles and still it takes movie duration to do this medium sized field, heck I consider this to be small field.

1320 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 20min, 2x tools
1343 Finished fertilizing F37
1345 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1407 Finished fertilizing F36
1414 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1416 Started ploughing F36, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 2x tools

Surprising how relatively little time it takes to plow this field, I was expecting my first 2hrs+ ETA. Well not to worry, those are coming soon hehe.

Then performance went to crap, had 7 vehicles running under courseplay courses (so hired AI) and 20 FPS, oh man it was awful to play a game with such performance Smiley :(

Don't want to sound overly dramatic but everytime this 20 FPS crap performance happens I get the immediate feeling of just shutting down and uninstalling FS19 because why would you play a game with well, unplayable performance. 20 FPS is like vic-20 in the early 80's Smiley :(

1437 Finished fertilizing F35
1438 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1501 Finished fertilizing F34
1505 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 2x tools
1517 Finished lime spreading F39
1519 Started lime spreading F38, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 3x tools
1550 Finished ploughing F36
1552 Started ploughing F35, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 2x tools
1618 Finished fertilizing F33
1634 Finished lime spreading F38
1636 Started lime spreading F37, courseplay ETA 39min, 3x tools
1641 Started fertilizing F04, courseplay ETA 4h 2min, 2x tools
1721 Finished lime spreading F37
1727 Finished ploughing F35

Seems like lime spreading and plowing tasks ended within minutes of each other and now I have a long wait because I need fertilizing but the rubicons are tied up on F04 like close to four hours heh. I could of course go load bredals with solid fertilizer and continue, hmm we'll see.

Took Big Bud 450 and went to fix small plow line on south edge of F33. It makes no difference in yields but pisses me off as there is nasty red line for no reason, this will fix it. Also fixed couple of missed spots and corners on F34-F36 and eastern edge line on F34.

1816 Started lime spreading F34, courseplay ETA 37min, 3x tools
1858 Finished lime spreading F34

At this point the rubicons on F04 still had 2hrs to go and I decided to go watch some TV in the mean time. Yes I know I know, courseplay playing the game for your while you leave the computer is... no way of farming, but I literally have nothing to do here except watch rubicons drive back and forth especially when there is the constant fear of game freezes if I would start go goof around something. So TV it is at least for this time.

2105 Finished fertilizing F04, well still have to fix SE corner but...
2127 Lunch break and tv watching over, 24/late-autumn in-game 1902hrs its dark, time acceleration until morning

Took a few moments but the SE corner was finished.

2157 Started fertilizing F23, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2216 Finished fertilizing F23
2218 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 20min, 2x tools
2240 Finished fertilizing F35
2241 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2246 Started lime spreading F35, courseplay ETA 39min, 3x tools
2301 Finished fertilizing F36
2305 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2326 Finished fertilizing F37
2328 Finished lime spreading F35
2335 Started lime spreading F36, courseplay ETA 37min, 3x tools
2340 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools

2019-10-31T0016 Finished lime spreading F36
0024 Finished fertilizing F39
0026 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 32min, 2x tools
0043 Started cultivating F39, courseplay ETA 2h 8min, 2x tools
0101 Finished fertilizing F38

0106 Getting dead tired, its been a long farming day, gotta get some shut eye. More farming tomorrow, maybe we can get this first round of field work wrapped up heh.

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