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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2019-10-27 Claas Lexion 8900 With Midwest Durus 18.2m Header

2019-10-27T0651 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets continue harvesting F33.

2x ACGO Ideal 9t combines with macdon FD75 13.7m headers gives me as grain cart driver a lot of downtime, currently as often it is I'm watching youtube farming videos while the combines are filling up. I have more than two million money so I could have easily upgraded my combine fleet but decided to do this field/harvest(?) with these existing ones.

I'm undecided if in the upgrade I'm going with Platinum Edition (Claas DLC) lexion 8900 combines with their 18k liter grain tanks, not sure if I can hook up midwest durus 16.5m headers or even the macdons to them, I have not seen any upgrades to those header mods so either they work as-is or ... don't. One thing is for sure, I need the midwest durus wide headers.

0841 Had to actually wait for grain truck in my grain cart tractor while two combines were waiting for me. It took a while but grain truck finally got bogged down, need to buy another one to keep the crops flowing to the bin nice and smooth.
0925 Night has fallen, 10/mid-summer in-game 2145hrs, had to turn on lights its getting very dark now, planning on skipping the night when its pitch black.
0932 Cant see combines or grain truck from distance anymore, okay its night skip time. Also will refuel my vehicles while I'll stop them.

This is what I love about large terrains and large scale farming, refueling logistics come into play.

0940 All done, 11/mid-summer in-game 0629hrs skipped the night and refueled all the vehicles, we are good to go.
1303 Lunch break, decided to exit from FS19 while feeding.
1332 Lunch break over, lets continue farming.
1703 Finished harvesting canola F33

I was doing all kind of small stuff on the background while combines were getting full, I will change this setup now by purchasing two more combines with midwest durus monster headers, another grain truck and even the coolamon montherbin to buffer.

While F33 harvest was not really painful it still was quite tedious in the end, if I didn't have something to do on the background, like the last two hours or so I was text editing so I could see FS19 screen on the background so that went pretty ok, without it I would have been bored to death.

Now I have F38 which is soybeans, that yield is much less than canola, but then F35 and F36 are corn and oh my that will yield like crazy.

Refueled all the vehicles again after driving them SW corner of F38. Then I checked how much canola we have in railroad silo 3 and its 2.873 million liters Smiley :)

I am scared to even think how much farm bin silo 2m and railroad silo 2.8m liters will sell for heh, that is going to be so much money whoah Smiley :)

1718 Time to take a small break, hopefully wont end playing for today but it just might be, the upcoming soybean harvest is not crazy but I wonder if I could finish it tonight before snoozing off, so we'll see...

1832 Started FS19 with Platinum Edition so I can use the Claas DLC vehicles.
1833 Sold macdon FD75 header for 55.7k and 55.5k, sold agco ideal 9t for 400.9k and 400.6k

- harvester claas lexion 8900 18k liter with guidance steering 504.5k
- header 18m midwest durus with colors 169.4k

1837 Purchased 4x the above, budget now 1.009m

- header 12m corn capello quasar hs16 with color 91.2k

1928 Purchased the above times two

Leased claas scorpion 1033 telehandler for 4.8k and magsi bale fork for 61, so I can lift the corn headers to low boy in order to transport them to our farm. But that idea failed badly, the telehandler was no way capable of lifting those huge headers haha.

Leased rostselmash combine for 15.2k, used it to lift the headers into low boy. Returned the combine right away. Drove the truck with low boy headers into our farm.

1951 Sold fuel tank for 2.8k
1952 Purchased coolamon mother bin 100t for 117k
2014 Claas Lexion 8900's and coolamon mother bin are parked next to F38, now we time accelerate for crops to grow.

Something weird happened with the leased vehicles, I returned all my leased menu was EMPTY, but I still keep getting 1200 vehicle running costs nightly, I don't get it.

Restarted FS19 and now 01/early-autumn in-game 0939hrs fields are ready to harvest, alright.

2133 Started harvesting soybeans F38, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
2325 So tired that I'm snoozing off, gotta call it a night here, more farming tomorrow.

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