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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2019-10-28 Midwest Durus Loves Soybeans

2019-10-28T0535 Started FS19 already some time ago but forgot to write it down heh, anyways back to farming, lets get these harvests done.
0605 Finished harvesting soybeans F38

First field harvested with new Claas Lexion 8900 with Midwest Durus 18m header on it, I love it. Excellent combine setup Smiley :)

Why did I harvest F33 with only two combines using 13.7m headers, I do not know... hehe. It is so much nicer with four and with these monster headers which cut half the field in one pass heh.

Now we have three corn header fields left.

Dumped last load of soybeans, got 837.8k liters total. Nice harvest from one field.

0627 Lunch break, exited from FS19 for enjoyable meal...
0649 Okay fed myself a days first meal, time to continue farming.

0722 Started harvesting corn F36, courseplay ETA 1h 24min, 4x tools
0956 Finished harvesting corn F36

Then relocating coolamon mother bin and grain truck courseplay route to the side of the next field.

1018 Started harvesting corn F35, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 4x tools
1325 Finished harvesting corn F35

Got really exhausted playing, already knew before this field was completed that will stop playing for today when its done.

1327 Shut down FS19 for today, way too exhausted, more farming tomorrow...

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