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2019-10-26 Million Liters Of Canola

0821 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets wrap up this F39 harvest!
0909 Finished harvesting canola F39

F39 is 131.058 ha in size so its no small field, harvesting it was fun it didn't feel tedious grind at all, I enjoyed it greatly. I'm sure once I finish all my current fields... I wont be feeling the same enjoy hehe

So F39 was ported over from older savegame before terrain v0.1.3 and Seasons, this is why I had to use dev console cheat commands (cheat is a dirty word, its just dev console tools to me) to port/restore the field to the stage it was in the old savegame.

This field was plowed, limed, 0% weeds and 100% fertilization. The size was as just said 131ha and I harvested this "perfect" canola total of 1,373,611 liters!

That is a crazy amount of canola. Now think about that I still have F37 (54.919 ha) and the monster F33 (218.068 ha) left, imagine what my farm bin silo total amount of canola is when all of it will be harvested. Oh wow, I told you I'll be rolling in money Smiley :)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 still do not have train track connection to a sell point so I need to decide if I'm going to haul this insane amount of grain using trucks or will I edit the terrain to add these train sell point connections and then again port over the savegame (which is not easy with seasons). I'm most likely just be lazy, play it safe and haul the grain with trucks.

0927 Taking a quick break to cook and eat food now, usually I don't shut down FS19 for such small breaks but now I will.
1054 Food cooked and eaten, FS19 launched back up, lets continue farming.

I started fresh new save with v0.1.3, then copied over terrain.heightmap.png from Start From Zero savegame, loaded fresh save up and with cheat money bought all the lands around my farm and the shop, then terrain landscape sculpted smoothed and leveled all the train track road crossings which were giving me a lot of trouble passing. Saved and copied edited smoothed terrain.heightmap.png back over to Start From Zero savegame.

Took 70k liters of canola from the farm bin silo and dumped it to fuel factory, we need fuel. Farm bin silo canola now 1.303 million liters. Too bad the fuel factory counts as bin silo so when I dumped there my canola owned liter count went back up to original number. This means I cant accurately count how many liters of harvest do I get from the other fields, oh well its not that important anyways.

Refilled FST 990 with 1200 liter of diesel and drove to refill the combines in F39. Topped off first one but ran out of diesel just before second combine was full.

Then drive all the vehicles to F37, drove grain truck route to farm bin silo and we were ready to harvest this field. Had to make combine course with headland because the train tracks are so close by in the north end, combines would collide with train otherwise.

1121 Started harvesting canola F37, courseplay ETA 2h 19min, 2x tools
1415 Finished harvesting canola F37

Time to take another cooking food lunch break here while shutting down FS19 for the duration (just want to relax and do the chore, then come back).

1625 Food got cooked and eaten, now its time to farm. First I need to dump all the harvested canola.

Finished dumping all the canola and farm bin silo has now 2,029,000 liters of canola.

Next field to harvest is the monster F33 (218.068 ha), that will take me rest of the day and most likely cant finish it before going to sleep tonight. This is also tricky field because grain truck trailer needs to across train tracks and I'm sure it will collide with the train sooner or later, no idea how bad that will end up for the truck and I rather not find out.

Decided to test how railroad silo 3 works as its right next to F33 its easy and safe to dump there. So I did dump 25.3k liters there and that grain shows up under "Silos (Other)" tab, nice. I don't actually remember how large the individual railroad silo is but they are very large, probably like ten million liters. Now I can to use the train to haul that grain or just truck to pick it up from the silo itself.

1642 Started harvesting canola F33, courseplay ETA 8h 27min, 2x tools

Oh man eight and a half hours of straight up harvesting and that's assuming the combines never stop, also I believe the turns are not calculated only the driving part, so that time is much longer (not sure). Anyways clearly this will continue long into tomorrow, if not more depending how bored I get.

My combines need an upgrade too, midwest durus 16.5m headers and at least one more combine probably two.

1755 My fridge gave electric spike and messed up windows 7, mouse didn't work. Had to exit and even cold reboot whole computer.
1920 Had to call it quits, something TV related came up so gotta go, more farming tomorrow.

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