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2019-10-25 New Semi-Truck Grain Trailer And Selling Corn

2019-10-25T0335 Started up FS19, I think today is harvest day Smiley :)

0338 Fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster 2000 has 31k liters of seeds in it, lets go dump those back to seed factory so we have room for grain.
0422 Time accelerating 21/late-spring in-game 0659hrs and F38 is still in germinated state, not growing yet. I'm afraid we're gonna have a problem with F38.
0442 In-game 01/early-summer 0616hrs and field stages are still the same, today is the first day of canola harvest season.
0447 Next time acceleration in-game day 02/early-summer 0635hrs switched growth stage for all fields, F38 growing soybeans, we're all good.
0536 In-game 07/early-summer 1503hrs corn sell price in sell point 1 (very close) is 1512 which is very nice.

I think its time to make a courseplay route to sell grain in sell point 1, to make some money out of that 880.5k liters of corn I have in the farm bin silo. Crops are growing so have nothing better to do.

0548 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 89.2k
0610 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 89.2k
0611 Quick exit from FS19 ...

Tested BsM trailer tipper 70000/6 on PMC Farm Lab, no errors so I added it to this savegame.

0621 Sold krampe SB II 30/1070 trailer for 57.4k
0623 Purchased trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with oversize load option for 69.1k
0636 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.8k, gotta love 70k liters of trailer capacity heh
0650 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k, market price now 1513
0704 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k (actually just missed this being ALT-TABbed heh)
0719 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k
0732 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k
0746 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k, market price now 1514
0800 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0814 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0828 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0842 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k, this was the last full trailer load
0850 Loaded up 62.5k liters of corn, farm bin silo is now empty
0856 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 94.8k

That is it, all of the 880k liters of corn sold. Budget now 2.530m

Then it was more time acceleration waiting for my crops to grow.

08/early-summer in-game 0604hrs no weeds in sight, good. Crops are growing nicely, cant wait to start some harvesting.

0909 Accepted contract for fertilizing F03
0921 Started fertilizing F03, contract. Courseplay ETA 1h 16min
1015 While I was refilling the rubicon FS19 froze up on me again
1049 Finished fertilizing F03, contract, collected contract reward 272.8k

Budget now 2.803m

Brought the fertilizing rig back to farm HQ and refilled UTTS, then... well exited from FS19, will need to take a break at least lunch break maybe even more. I'm not exactly bored, but just the "driving passion" to play right now is not there, my mind is on linux media center software and tv stuff heh.

1910 Back in FS19, upgraded courseplay which includes major upgrade to some turning stuff, lets hope its a good upgrade.

09/mid-summer in-game 0616hrs doing some time acceleration until crops grow to harvest ready stage. Need to get this harvest started.

1919 Alright F33, F37 and F39 canola are now harvest ready, lets get started! Smiley :)

And of course I need to go switch corn headers at my farm first heh, nice little drive with combines Smiley :)

Decided to start with F39 as the regular headers were right next to the field and also its by my farm where I will be traveling back and forth many times so better to get it cleared out from the way.

1934 Started harvesting canola F39, courseplay ETA 5h 7min, 2x tools

Man it felt great to be back in harvesting after all that hard work I put into these fields. This is the first harvest using seasons on PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame.

2020 Dumped first 70k trailer load of canola into farm bin silo
2019-10-26T0107 Had to go to sleep, too tired...

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