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2019-10-24 Spraying Herbicide And Buying A Planter

2019-10-24T0515 FS19 started up, lets do some farming.

0519 Time accelerated and soil temp got to +7C, cheat command planted sunflowers to F34 just as it was before savegame porting.
0532 Started seeding canola F37, courseplay ETA 1h 21min
0535 Purchased herbicide refill tank for 8.5k
0548 Started spraying F33, courseplay ETA 1h 6min, 2x tools
0659 Finished seeding canola F37
0708 Finished spraying F33
0717 Started spraying F35, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools
0740 Finished spraying F35
0743 Started spraying F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0804 Finished spraying F36
0805 Started spraying F37, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0827 Finished spraying F37
0832 FS19 froze the second time today

16/mid-spring over night soil temperature warmed up to +10C, I'm ready for corn and soybeans seeding.

0904 Cheat command planted soybeans to F38 just as it was before savegame porting.
0906 Purchased seeder 325hp 27m john deere db90 322.1k

That DB90 planter was pretty expensive, budget now 1.053m. After filling it up I realized its capacity is only 3523 liters for seeds, not sure if I'm ruined by seed hawk but that amount feels ridiculously low, I bet it will be dozen refills even for 50ha field hehe. Of course no laughing matter if corn planting will be so painful but yeah.

I'm going to check out the DB120 planter after next harvest maybe it has more capacity, it should but who knows. Of course down the line when my operations grow larger, I'm going to get maybe fleet of 4 of these planters, that gives you some high capacity.

0926 Started seeding corn F36, courseplay ETA 1h 34min
0940 Headland was done and 91 liters of seeds left, haha

0946 Was pissed off, went and loaded up elmers haulmaster with 70k liters of seeds, should be enough for these two fields.

1017 DB90 had done like two rows and already had to refill it twice, I was extremely frustrated and already googled "the best" corn planter.

1104 Uuh I'm dying here, the hell if I'm gonna do the other field with this garbage planter haha, I'm going to try DB120 next and it it sucks then I'll just get two maybe even four default giants great plains planters which has 5800 liter capacity so they have a lot of endurance for courseplay use.

1159 Finished seeding corn F36

1206 Started to seed corn to F35 because there was still 2700 liters of seeds left in this DB90 crap. Plan is to go swap this to DB120.

1224 Purchased seeder john deere db120 for 472k, sold john deere for 255.8k, budget now 837.3k

Damn where have my millions gone? heh, yep if you buy a planter and use it a bit, the price drops dramatically. If you need to test out vehicles; LEASE.

1236 Started seeding corn F35, courseplay ETA 49min
1359 Finished seeding corn F35
1400 Sold john deere db120 for 376.2k, budget now 1.213m

All fields are now seeded, next is some fertilizing and keeping an eye on any possible weeds on F38 and F39.

1405 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
1429 Finished fertilizing F36
1430 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
? Finished fertilizing F35
1501 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1521 Finished fertilizing F37

All the field work is done (assuming no weeds appear). Now we just time accelerate until our crops grow Smiley :)

17/late-spring in-game 0707hrs field crop growth stage switched, we have plants growing now, nice.

I was walking around my fields (ok running as the fields are so large), got into one high spot where I can see three fields at once, I was in north east corner of F36 with nice small corn plants growing. It was so nice to stand there in those fully fertilized fields after all that work I put in them. Those who know the feeling are the true farmsim fanatics Smiley :)

1639 It was time for a break, did not know how long it will be so shut down PMC Gaming computer just in case.

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