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2019-10-23 FS19 Freezing And Five Hours Of Seeding

2019-10-23T0406 Back in FS19, lets farm this sucka.

0407 Started lime spreading F33, courseplay ETA 6h 43min, whoah six almost seven hours heh wow
0426 Started cultivating F35, courseplay ETA 1h 47min

That lime spreading is crazy, I need more vehicles to split the time so going to buy at least one more bredal and dedicated medium tractor for it (or such jobs).

- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k
- tractor case 240 with guidance steering and twin wheels 231.5k

0450 Purchased the above setup, budget now 1.460m.

Drove the case 240 cvx to the "farm", topped up with lime and then drove to F33. Started to help courseplay AI driver by using gps on the north end of the field working my way down south.

Big Bud 450 with John Deere 2410 5 section cultivator courseplay finished the course, but for some odd reason courseplay left small patches at each end of the field which I had to fix manually driving. Maybe its the new settings behind advanced options.

0623 Finished cultivating F35

Was driving case 240 cvx with bredal k165 spreader using GPS, then had to step outside for about half an hour (might have been longer from keyboard perspective) so I copied courseplay course from the main lime spreader and set off my tractor from the other end of the course.

0809 Finished lime spreading F33

Finally done lime spreading, wow it took a long time with two tractors (one at the beginning). Man I've almost forgotten what madness PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain field sizes field work is hehe.

0810 As soon as I wrote the above and drove lime spreading tractor off the field, tried to change into rubicon 9000... FS19 froze, ZOC! Smiley :(

Reloaded the game from savegame and uh oh still had several rows of lime spreading to do in that save Smiley :(

This could be one of the things that makes me ultimately stop playing on (PMC Grande Gardens) 16km terrain as how could you enjoy game-play when it could freeze at any moment?

During my other career savegame I tried to track down the issue but had no luck, I don't know what causes the freeze. Logical conclusion is some sort of memory limit or performance whatever bogging that 16km terrain is just too large for this piece of crap FS19 engine to handle.

For this savegame and most likely to all other 16km terrain saves, I set the auto-safe frequency to 5min. Its painful with 16km terrain file sizes when it saves that stuff often and causes delay on ESC menu, but its more annoying when you lose a lot of progress due game freeze for no reason.

0834 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 2h 6min

While the lone rubicon is spraying I decided to go pick up the lowboy trailer with another rubicon from other side of the terrain, I sold the crap mod freedom truck because it gave errors. I guess there is need for a new truck but I'm in cheapo mode and decided to go pick up the lowboy rig with my existing one, its not like this truck has anything better to do while rubicon is working two hours on F33.

0912 Arrived with the truck and lowboy, but when unloading rubicon and switching to it FS19 froze, again. Luckily this time I had neurotic savegame frequency.
0918 Restored savegame, started first rubicon on courseplay, switched to second and started to refill from LSFM universal tank fertilizer... and ZOC, freeze.
0928 Finally got both rubicons under one courseplay course, now I'll just let them run without touching the keyboard to get some progress done.
1016 Finished fertilizing F33

01/early-spring in-game 1800hrs it started to become dark, after parking rubicons next to F35 it was time acceleration time until next morning daylight.

1025 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
1047 Finished fertilizing F35

Looks like everything is done that I can do with these fields owned. Next thing to happen is weather ground temperature needs to increase so I can cheat command plant the canola, sunflowers and soybeans that were lost in savegame / seasons porting.

Also regular seeding of canola and corn need more temperature. Weather forecast predicts very cold weather even several days from now which is fine, 24 day season so I got all the time in the world (with these fields).

1131 Took a small break
1337 Back, lets continue farming.

So now we time accelerate until weather is warm enough for us to cheat-seed and properly seed Smiley :)

03/early-spring in-game 0712hrs some weed patches start to appear in my fields, have to keep an eye on those if they need spraying.
08/early-spring in-game 1526hrs weather forecast now shows above +6C even minimum temperatures so once the soil warms up to that, then it shouldn't drop below anymore so I'm good to go with canola seeding and cheat cmd planting.
09/early-spring in-game 0320hrs soil temperature hit +6C, alright.

Fast forwarded to the morning daylight, checked weather forecast and it looks good, lowest temperature is for today right now in fact +8C and it just gets warmer from here. Okay lets plant those cheat cmd canolas and break out Big Bud 747 with Seed Hawk for some canola seeding.

1409 Dev console cheat command planted germinated, 100% fertilized, weeded, limed and plowed canola to F39 just as it was before savegame porting.
1412 Started seeding canola F33, courseplay ETA 5h 18min

Five hours of seeding hehe, wonder how many refills does it take, better get that fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster stocked up with seeds.

My budget is 1.460m so there is plenty of money to buy another seed hawk setup to speed up seeding, but as said I'm still on the cheapo mode here and I want to be cautious with my investments. Once the next harvest is done I'll be rolling in money heh. Hopefully this is last of such extremely long field works, I mean 5hrs is a lifetime gaming wise... its just ridiculous time to sit and wait tractor driving back and forth in a field...

The important thing to remember is that I cant do anything else, the cheat cmd plants for soybeans and sunflowers are not possible due soil temperature, same goes for the corn proper seeding for the other fields. Yeah I guess I could herbicide spray... but honestly dunno if thats even necessary yet. All I can really do is sit, wait and watch seed hawk going around and around... for five hours.

I really should have just bought two more seed hawk setups to cut this time, its just not sane to play video game like this where you cannot do anything but watch and honestly the watching after first about 10-15min... is for nothing, yeah big bud driving around in a field, so? hehe

Anyways I have been ranting about farmsim being a huge time sink and especially a waste of my valuable editing time, so this is nothing new. Okay, back to watching big bud drive around...

1619 First refill of seed hawk seeds
1748 Took a quick break to watch Adventures of Ford Fairlane 1080p bluray movie Smiley :)
1824 Second refill of seed hawk seeds
1937 Finished seeding canola F33

Finally the five hour seeding was done, uuh. It was time for me to call it a night, assuming and hoping I'll continue tomorrow enthusiastically.

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