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PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 Upgrade

2019-10-22T1605 After a months long break I'm back at PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero career Smiley :)

Terrain itself was upgraded to v0.1.3 which includes trains, five of them I think and train grain depots. Each train has hmm dunno how many cars with 143k liter capacity per car. Each train depot holds 10 million liters of grain per crop type, including fertilizer, lime and seeds.

It took me a long time to fiddle with the career savegame XML files to port the old savegame over to new terrain with trains and train depots.

Another extremely important news is that I upgraded this savegame to Seasons v1.0.1.8 beta ie build 34 from yesterday. So now the whole game-play has changed as we work with seasons. This causes a lot of grief porting over the old savegame but I managed to do it more or less properly.

What I'm planning on doing is using dev console cheat commands to set F34, F38 and F39 to their growth and fertilization etc stages, other fields can be just resetted to simple harvested state by Seasons mod.

Only bummer was that there was no easy way (way that it would be worth it) to port over the F40 cultivation contract, I just simply cancelled it. In theory I could have restored the cultivator_density.gdm but that is way beyond whats wort bothering to.

1621 Alright launched the career savegame in purpose of actually starting to play. There still are few things I need to wrap up in the porting, but almost there.

Seasons is configured as 24 day season. I have previously played on another savegame in PMC Grande Gardens 16km using 24 day season and it worked well, in that savegame progress I did not run out of time/days when doing fieldwork. There sure are a lot of time accelerating going on, but its better to have more time than you need as you never know when something comes up.

1700 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 36min
1735 Finished fertilizing F36
1737 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 34min
1812 Finished fertilizing F35
1814 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 59min, two hours of fertilizing hehe
1858 Had to refill UTTS-32000 tanker with liquid fertilizer, rubicon is running low
2014 Finished fertilizing F33

2017 Getting really tired been up more than 16hrs, time for some shut eye but more farming tomorrow thats for sure, cant wait.

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