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2019-07-24 Harvesting Corn, Seeding, Plouging And Fertilizing

1925 FS19 started up, lets continue growing our farm.
1931 Started harvesting corn F36, courseplay ETA 2h 27min.
2001 Finished seeding soybeans F38
2032 Finished ploughing F37
2037 Started ploughing F35
2049 Started fertilizing F38
2150 Finished fertilizing F38

Seed hawk is sitting by the field ready to go, except I don't want to start it off because it doesn't have enough seeds and my seed tender haulmaster auger wagon is tied up with the corn harvest. I need to buy another tractor and haulmaster just to take care of the seed hawk (in the future seed hawkS plural, once I get some more money).

2252 Finished harvesting corn F36
2309 Saved and exited game, got to try one mod out quickly before continuing.

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