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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2019-07-21 Farmer_schubi Factories And New Equipment

2037 Back to farming. Added new farmer_schubi (class name fixes by me) production mods and some fast peterbilt truck. Lets see what happens.
2038 Purchased peterbilt 379 freedom for 160k
2049 Started cultivating F40 outline south 4.
2103 Purchased land lot with F39 in it for 709.8k
2110 Purchased PMC Farm Bin Large 10m liters and landscaped a bit, budget now 5.925m
2158 Restarted game because forgot to add all production mods in.
2201 Purchased diesel, fertilizer and seed production for 225k each. Purchased liquid fertilizer production for 125k
2216 Purchased water station for 5k
2221 Another restart for missing manure and slurry placeables.
2224 Purchased manure shop for 7.5k and slurry shops for 15k
2226 Purchased trailer krampe for 78k
2228 Purchased ideal 9t combine with guidance steering and engine upgrade for 534k
2229 Purchased header 13.7m macdon FD75 for 82k
2253 Purchased trailer full of manure for 2.5k to be used in production.
2337 Purchased lizard mks 32 tanker trailer for 68k
2356 Refilled 32k liters of water for free, then loaded liquid fertilizer production factory Smiley :)

2019-07-22T0009 Filled lime production factory with water Smiley :)

When playing on FS17 Cornbelt on its Start From Scratch (it was called scratch back then) career I just absolutely loved the fuel, fertilizer and seed factory stuff (along with the railroads to do logistic stuff). Now when I got these farmer_schubi production placeables in action I felt similar excitement when my own products were produced.

I feel that the lime production is a bit too fast, you can barely go pickup water tanker full of water when the previous load has already been produced into lime, but maybe its just me. Also fertilizer production in Cornbelt required two components which was manure and slurry, now you can do it with only manure. And of course we are still missing herbicide factory, but hopefully someone comes up with that.

Oh right farmer_schubi as so many other modders did these nice mods with german language, sigh, so I went and translated the display table textures to english (wont be releasing that fix as got no permissions and someone else already did a translation).

0352 Game restart to load my display table texture edits mentioned above.

Combine harvester and truck trailer was already bought for the upcoming harvest, but after that I'm lacking equipment so here is a shopping list I plan to get:

- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k
- tractor to pull cultivator big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- tractor to pull auger wagon fendt 1050 with twin wheels and engine upgrade 378.4k
- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- seeder 640hp 25.6m vaderstad seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft 290k
- seeder air cart seed hawk 980 air cart with twin rear wheels 190k
- tractor big bud 747 with gps and twin wheels 432k
- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k

0442 Started to purchase that long list of new toys.
0501 All purchased and slowly moving them to the farm. Budget now 2.159m
0515 Accepted contract for fertilizing F66
0536 Started fertilizing F66, contract.
0608 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 109.3k.
0614 Purchased another ideal 9t combine with macdon fd75 header. Budget now 1.635m
0738 Fertilizer and lime factories are full of resource material heh

Now that fertilizer and lime factories are humming, I wonder how long it will take to expend all that product to my fields, I mean one million liters is respectable amount of stuff Smiley :)

Not that I have much fields yet but eventually when the farm grows as more hectares get added, I cant estimate but a wild guess is that one million liters lasts a very long time. Not to mention the factory always produces more as long as I remember to dump some resource material there. This is really the large scale farming stuff, especially when I install those fertilizer/lime/seed bins into strategic locations around the terrain which act like remote outposts for refills.

0830 At in-game time 0416hrs F39 became harvest ready, time to cut that soybeans off my first own field Smiley :)
0832 Started harvesting soybeans F39
0933 So tired had to call it a night, more farming tomorrow.

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