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2019-07-22 Harvesting Operations

1724 Back at PMC Gaming fired up FS19, lets continue farming.
1729 When I loaded savegame today the F40 contract shows 0 percent complete, hmm... thats not good. But luckily the progress bar was just lagging behind as it very quickly increased the number and kept increasing until it was on the correct number again. Anyways still odd.
2113 Had to take a break for a quick nap, could not keep my eyes open...

2019-07-23T0023 Woke up, had a meal and now started FS19 back up. Lets continue harvesting.

This Start From Zero had a rocky start, then some guestionable business practices (heh) but now we are here and I realized... I skipped all the starter vehicles and went straight to the biggest tractors and implements. Hmm this is not how from zero stuff should work...

Well true but also I have no desire to do some crazy 6 hrs harvesting session with that bizon tiny 2m header harvester either. I just cant seem to be satisfied no matter what I do; get the best vehicles right away and its too easy, have to use starter kit and its too hard haha Smiley ;)

Oh well. But yeah the scenario I'm right now almost feels like the starting moment of normal Farm Manager mode where you get no vehicles but 1.5 million in cash (including the loan you can take yourself). Dunno man I really love this from zero idea, it really gives you sense of satisfaction when you know that everything you own is by your hard work, nothing has been given to you.

But still I'm thinking deep thoughts here... is this from zero stuff too insane regarding wasted time in a game that already is such an time sink. Hmm maybe the adjustment for this game mode would be in order, that you start with nothing and have the ability to take 1 million loan, which would obviously mean that you'd take all of the money and start working on your farm right away buying land etc, then just pay the loan off later. This would be interesting and enjoyable game-play right from the beginning instead of sitting in time acceleration waiting for specific contracts which bring you the best money.

Indeed deep thoughts man...

Anyways lets get back to everyday business. I need to start making money and buying fields, the end goal here is to buy all the lands and harvest all the fields. So right now I'm looking for my next land to buy. Not cheating, but still searching for soybean or canola fields on the land so when I buy there is lucrative crop waiting for me to harvest, often times the money got from the harvested crop already comes close to the paying price of the land (havent done extensive comparisons but roughly its like that).

I'm thinking of just looking for closest canola or soybean field not necessarily buy land around my F39 farm symmetrically like spreading out evenly. Obviously I'm not going to buy soybean field from other side of the terrain I have no desire to relocate my harvest fleet there, but closest ones yes.

0123 Finished harvesting soybeans F39, aayeah my first very own field! Smiley :)
0133 All the grain dumped into farm bin silo, total amount 1.107.419 liters from F39, I believe it was fully fertilized and no lime/plow requirements.
0147 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay duration 1h 19min
0153 Purchased land lot which has F38 for 756.4k, budget now 850.1k

F38 is right next to my farm, actually right next to my existing F39, its also harvest ready oats which I can use for my seed factory. I really want to kick off making my own seeds. I bought this field for the crops to be used in seed factory, no other reason. Next lands I'll try to buy with most profitable crops growing like canola or soybeans.

0207 Started harvesting oats F38
0208 Finished cultivating F40 outline south 4.
0224 Started cultivating F40 outline north 1.
0303 Seed factory already had 15.5k liters of seed produced, pretty much enough for one seeding with seed hawk.
0309 Finished fertilizing F39
0639 Finished harvesting oats F38

Felt pretty good getting that oat field harvested and seed factory humming, already got a good load of seeds I cannot imagine running out of them anytime soon, the real problem will be how to haul that stuff to the fields across the terrain, but lets worry about that when we actually get those remote fields hehe Smiley :)

0705 Started lime spreading F38, courseplay duration 3h 1min
0735 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0758 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0814 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0830 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0845 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0902 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0918 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0933 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k, budget now 2.291m
0946 Took a quick break, wanted to check something out in recently released FS19 Cornbelt.
1045 Quick break turned into one hour investigation, at that point I was really tired and didn't feel like continuing, more farming tomorrow...

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