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2019-07-20 Growing Fertilizing Contract Business

1443 Back at PMC Gaming computer, its time to fertilize fields and make a ton of money.
1450 First time after loading a savegame checked contracts and sure enough the spraying contract had expired and I got the money from it.

Already felt the pressure to do these fertilizing contracts so that they will not expire, nothing worse than doing some useless stuff (like barley harvest heh) and when you finally get to that hundreds of thousands paying contract... its expired. I'm going to stop harvesting barley in F52 contract, purchase another fertilizing rig and get to work.

1621 Purchased lizard roadrunner truck, low boy, UTTS-32000 tanker trailer, dolly and rubicon 9000 with guidance steering. And the next thing after that FS19 locked up so that audio was playing but game was frozen, I've had that happen once before so this is troubling trend...

Then restarted the game and had to wait frigging 15min or so for the courseplay field scanner to get bogged down on F40. All I can hope that my last savegame wasn't very far before this lockup. I have saves disabled due the annoying save and delay especially when capturing a video, people like nothing more than several "saving game ..." displays to watch on videos. Guess its time to activate the 15min autosave again if there will be more of these lockups.

1647 Back in-game, savegame is fairly recent probably not more that few minutes old, so we're good.
1655 Had purchased the above mentioned set, once again, this time also saved game after so if there is another lockup we don't need to do this the third time heh
1701 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 262.7k. Budget now 3.449m
1707 Attempted to fertilize F53 contract but game kept saying I have no access to this land, same issue I saw months ago with Iowa Garden City 8km, hmm hmm.
1714 Started fertilizing F76, contract.
1737 Started fertilizing F46, contract.

Got another 100k fertilizing contract but I didn't take it yet, as with F53 I suspect there might be some sort of bug or whatever issue with multiple missions mod and contracts that if you spam too many of them, then you start to get those you have no access to this land. Also I'm not sure taking all those contracts in any way guarantees that they wont disappear on you over time, so you might as well just take them one by one for each vehicle you have available.

1854 Finished fertilizing F46, contract, collected contract reward 262.4k. Budget now 3.679m
1902 Started fertilizing F87, contract.
1904 Finished fertilizing F87, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
1921 Started fertilizing F92, contract.
1924 Finished fertilizing F92, contract, collected contract reward 8.3k.
1925 Started fertilizing F89, contract.
1928 Finished fertilizing F89, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
1929 F17 gave me the you have no access to this land again.
1938 Started fertilizing F31, contract.
2004 Finished fertilizing F31, contract, collected contract reward 93.5k. Budget now 3.717m
2009 Finished fertilizing F76, contract, collected contract reward 613.8k.
2011 Started fertilizing F77, contract.
2012 Accepted contract for fertilizing F23
2031 Started fertilizing F84, contract.
2034 Finished fertilizing F84, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2037 Started fertilizing F23, contract.
2044 Finished fertilizing F77, contract, collected contract reward 110.6k.
2054 Accepted contract for fertilizing F94
2057 Started fertilizing F94, contract.
2100 Finished fertilizing F94, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2101 Attempted to fertilize F95 but got you have no access to this land.
2103 Accepted contract for fertilizing F66
2106 Finished fertilizing F23, contract, collected contract reward 101.1k.
2107 Accepted contract for fertilizing F34
2109 Started fertilizing F34, contract.
2126 Started fertilizing F66, contract.
2154 Finished fertilizing F34, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k.
2159 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 109.3k. Budget now 4.664m
2200 Started fertilizing F96, contract.
2203 Finished fertilizing F96, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2205 Started fertilizing F97, contract.
2207 Finished fertilizing F97, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
2209 Accepted contract for fertilizing F79

2219 Due to outside real life interference had to restart my game. Now I have to reboot everything back up and suffer through that 15min courseplay F40 field scan again, SIGH.

2251 FS19 started up again, lets get all the courseplay courses running, hrr...
2252 Accepted spraying F56, contract and intend to let it expire again. And one for fertilizing F32
2309 Started fertilizing F32, contract.
2317 Started fertilizing F79, contract.
2344 Finished fertilizing F32, contract, collected contract reward 86.2k.
2347 Finished fertilizing F79, contract, collected contract reward 108k. Budget now 4.856m

2019-07-21T0007 Game locked up again, damn, what is going on here...
0027 Savegame loaded back up, actually took one just less than a minute before the freeze so that was good. Reverted to yesterdays courseplay version, no indication that these freezes are caused by it but just had a hunch gut feeling so decided to give it a try.
0037 With this game start and savegame load the 849.3k spraying contract was rewarded to me. Yep, another bug and exploit discovered.
0153 Harvesting F52 contract was done, now its time to sell the grain to my own pocked in best market price Smiley :)
0207 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0217 Two truck loads went to selling point 7 and I didn't even notice the stupid small green right corner notification text hehe, budget now 5.883m
0223 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0234 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0240 Finished harvesting barley F52, contract.
0243 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0246 Barley harvest on F52 collected contract reward 353.4k. Canola harvest on F55 collected contract reward 548.7k. Budget now 6.984m Smiley :)

So there you go, the two huge harvest contracts are now complete. I started with 27hrs and 19hrs courseplay durations with single combines, then lateron the next day or something brought in more vehicles to speed the process up. Here we are now, both contracts done, also all fertilizing contracts done.

I got hmm total of three spraying contract rewards for nothing as they are buggy, also flipped that one land canola harvest so this Start From Zero is not exactly by the book, I don't feel especially proud of the land flipping and the third spraying contract I took knowingly and just to assure that yes it is bugged.

But we cant forget the endless darkness madness that was in the early days when time accelerating waiting for lucrative contracts, so its not like I went and used money cheats here.

0253 Right now I'm going to take a break for today, I could go on but I rather take a nice break in such good situation on the savegame and tomorrow I'll see how I feel about continuing.

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