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2019-07-19 Fertilizing Contracts And Selling Canola

1738 Back to farming, lets see what great stuff we can do today.
1754 Courseplay field scanner takes more than 10min to do F40 now that it has active contract (whatever that means).

When I checked contracts menu first time today, three of my spraying contracts were completed, one was even huge over 300k one. Now the odd thing is that... I did not complete them, heck I didn't even start them yet! Hmm bug in the v1.4.1 engine or in my terrain or whats going on? Could that be the contract expiring and some new v1.4.1 engine feature to just give the money for the player anyways?

I have suffered so much with the non existant fertilizing contracts that while this money I got now (like close to half a million) is due to some sort of a bug, I will not refuse the money because I didn't cheat anything, if the game contract system wants to give me money from the contracts without me even starting them, hey I'll thank kindly and move on hehe Smiley ;)

1821 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 262.7k.
1851 Finished fertilizing F25, contract, collected contract reward 146.5k. Budget now 3.150m
1854 Returned the another leased rubicon 9000 as there are no more fertilizing contracts.
1937 Finished cultivating F40 south 2.
1953 Recorded F40 outline south 3 course.
1954 Started cultivating F40 south 3.

As an experiement I took one spraying contract for F79, I am not going to do it as it only pays 87.5k and I'm too lazy to drive my huge fertilizer rig down there and especially as I would need to buy some herbicide (I don't have dedicated herbicide sprayer rubicon yet). Now its interesting to see when hours pass by that will this contract also be awarded to me for no reason other than me taking it. I'm hoping it just gets cancelled, but wouldnt be surprised if I get the reward again. Lets see what happens.

I decided to try another unusual thing, unplanned rather, I leased another truck, trailer, tractor, auger wagon and two combines. These I'm going to use to help speed up the two harvest contracts. I drove them to F55 first as its higher reward, drove a new courseplay course for the truck to selling point 5, then started the combines from south end of the field as multiple tools mode. I didn't write play-by-play with times (its now 2056hrs) because I wasn't sure my own leased vehicles work on contract field which already has "borrowed" vehicles. Edit: they work fine, just checking.

2019-07-20T0158 Accepted contract for fertilizing F36 and F37
0212 Started fertilizing F36, contract.

36 and 37 werent the biggest fields, moderate amount of reward for those contracts, but the nice thing was that they were right next to each other. With the crazy fertilizing contract mayhem its funny how 100k reward one feels insignificant heh.

0248 Finished fertilizing F36, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k. Started fertilizing F37, contract.
0332 Finished fertilizing F37, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k. Budget now 3.101m

F55 was getting done nicely, then the 3d world green display indicator on top right corner of the screen shows 100 percent complete after which I started to receive the cash... BUT the contracts menu still shows like 95 percent done and increasing on every load dump, heh odd, but I'll take the money Smiley :)

Also the normal harvest contract method is to do the field to the last piece of crop and sell them to the highest bidder, so makes no difference to me really.

0554 Dumped yet another load to selling point 5 from F55, and STILL the contract progress said 99 percent heh. The progress seem to lag behind what happens in 3D world, I also got some setShaderParameter errors in the log, been running the game all day so it might be pretty bogged down, FPS is still normal etc.
0559 Now finally got the green notification text about F55 contract being finished, heh. So now harvest continues and I'll sell the grain for my own pocked.
0613 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0647 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0648 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0706 Finished harvesting canola F55, contract. Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0713 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k then 15min later sold the last few thousand liters, budget now 4.002m

Drove all the vehicles to F52 north west corner, plan is to use them and get this barley harvest contract done as quick as possible.

0745 Accepted contract for fertilizing F31, F92 and F97
0818 Accepted contract for fertilizing F96, F84, F39, F76, F87, F89 and F77

Jackpot! Smiley :D

0832 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
0833 Accepted contract for fertilizing F46, F17, F53 and F95, oh my!
0840 Finished cultivating F40 south 3.
0906 Dead tired and even though I have exciting times in-game, had to call it a night, cant keep my eyes open, Zzz...

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