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2019-07-18 Harvesting Exploit Canola

1417 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue the large harvest.
1459 Returned leased semi truck, low boy and rubicon 9000.

Because of the lack of fertilizing contracts and me wasting so much time trying to get this Start From Zero to gain some momentum, I decided to try something else I normally would not do on top of these crazy harvest contracts, that is so called land flipping. That is me checking out what land lot contains a lucrative crop field ready to harvest like canola or soybeans, buy the land, harvest the field and then sell the land. I have seen some people call this an exploit, I don't like it in general because that is not simulating farming, you would not do that in real life. But now I'm going to try it out, just to see how it works, is it like huge amount of money or just equal to average fertilizing contract.

1621 Purchased land lot with 284.1k, leased trailer 3.9k, truck 6k, combine 20.4k, header 4.1k
1651 Started harvesting exploit canola F34 Smiley :)
1725 Finished cultivating F54, contract, collected contract reward 114.8k. Budget now 485.8k

When the time came to sell first canola load from F34 the market price in selling point 8 had plummeted, it was actually the second lowest in the market. I really didn't want to start driving all the way to the other side of the terrain for best price, which even that wasn't too good, so I decided to just go to selling point 8 which is the closest one. And as you can see below, exploit canola even with the low low price gets me over one hundred grand per load and I imagine there will be a few loads from 55ha field even with it being poorly grown crop (no fert or lime and weeds growing).

1802 Sold canola for 102.5k
1846 Sold canola for 92.8k, oh wow now selling point 8 IS the lowest market price of them all. Hmm maybe I need to drive to the best price after all...
1934 Sold canola for 85k
2017 Fertilizing contracts appeared, still cant believe how few of them there have been.
2019 Accepted contract for fertilizing F71 and F76
2021 Purchased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering, lizard roadrunner truck, low boy. Budget now 47.3k
2030 Accepted contract for fertilizing F46

So finally managed to buy my very own first vehicle, got the low boy to carry that beast rubicon to the lucrative fertilizing contracts. All I need now is the tanker trailer so I can haul some fertilizer as well. That have to wait until few contracts have been done, or well, looking at the rewards... just one Smiley :)

Feeling good now that this career has taken off that there are no more time acceleration boring to death waiting. Sure there still could be if I want to get those specific contracts, but what money I get from these contracts I can already buy my first own land, I really need a fuel station and liquid fertilizer refill point. Maybe, just maybe with leased vehicles I could seed my first own field too, we'll see.

2043 Started fertilizing F46, contract.
2047 Another load from exploit canola field was ready for sale, but uh oh selling point 8 market price had completely went bad, it was mere 656 right now when the best price in selling point 2 is 2113. Yeah, guess where I'm driving huh.
2100 Sold canola for 124.6k
2113 Accepted contract for fertilizing F39
2114 Finished cultivating F40 south 1. Now I have to record new outline for south 2 heh.
2132 Started cultivating F40 south 2.
2145 Purchased UTTS-32000 tanker trailer for 58k
2207 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07 and F25
2209 Accepted contract for spraying F41, F43 and F48
2246 Switched plant growth to slow, just in case it would help to slow the contracts rotation.
2319 Sold canola for 120.4k
2320 Finished fertilizing F46, contract, collected contract reward 262.4k.

2019-07-19T0012 Started fertilizing F76, contract.
0052 Leased second rubicon 9000.
0105 Started fertilizing F71, contract.
0116 Sold canola for 96.8k
0120 Purchased FST 990 fuel trailer for 8.5k and fuel tank for 5.9k.
0158 Purchased pickup truck for 30k, returned leased mahindra retriever limited edition.
0223 Finished harvesting exploit canola F34 Smiley ;)
0226 Sold back the land flipping land, budget now 646k.
0232 Purchased liquid fertilizer tank for 8.5k
0236 Sold canola for 99.1k

So the total exploit from the land flipping purchase and canola harvest was 721.2k in sold canola. Then you need to deduct the lease price for lizard warrior truck, krampe trailer, john deere S790 and macdon fd75 header, dunno actually how much those are total with the hourly fees and such.

I was considering keeping the leased vehicles but sort of wanted to get rid of the exploit evidence and returned those right away hehe Smiley :)

0241 Returned leased harvest equipment.
0317 Finished fertilizing F76, contract, collected contract reward 613.8k. Budget now 1.286m, I'm a millionaire, yeah buddy! Smiley :)
0348 Joined to fertilize F71 with the first rubicon. Driving myself with GPS.
0353 Finished fertilizing F71, contract, collected contract reward 479k. Budget now 1.765m
0414 Started fertilizing F07, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 35min for TWO rubicon 9000s.
0600 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 598k. Budget now 2.301m
0621 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
0718 Started fertilizing F25, contract.
0743 Dead tired, been up way more than 16hrs today (16hrs timer went off like ages ago heh), time for shut eye, more farming tomorrow...

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