Developer Diary PMC Iowa Garden City 8km FS19 - PMC Farming

2021-05-21 Internal Testing v1.1.4 Release

2021-05-21T22:30:00Z Sell points aligned to ground and v1.1.4 internal testing version compiled.

2021-05-22T11:55:00Z Seasons GEO Iowa Garden City starting temperatures increased to warmer.

2021-05-27 Asphalt Road 3D Mesh Editing

2021-05-27T05:23:00Z Started to paint chart for asphalt roads so I know where to place splines which are used to create asphalt road piece meshes.

2021-05-27T05:53:00Z Finished painting it using google/maps as source. Surprisingly low number of asphalt roads there.

Below image red is asphalt and yellow is dirt/gravel road.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Terrain, Developer Diary

Next I just need to actually create the asphalt roads... /me backs away slowly ... Smiley ;)

Then decided to start placing asphalt road splines right away, even though I don't remember much at all how I did them previously. What I mean is how to do them so they would look nice and not some jagged edges crap ones, but hey gotta start trying and see how it goes.

2021-05-27T06:21:00Z Took backups, always gotta have good backups, a snapshot of last properly working version before starting to add new stuff in.

Created spline from center garden city by the railroad towards west and then north west. Its coordinates aligned to ground are: -449.73498535 37.17038727 616.17468262

Yep copy pasted them here as I probably need to restore the spline to original coordinates after fiddling with it, so I had to save them somewhere and this is as good text file as any hehe.

2021-05-27T07:26:00Z Tested first asphalt road in-game, looks overall pretty good with elevated road except curves has the issue with jagged "empty" edge parts.

And when I say first asphalt road I mean in iowa garden city, my real first ever asphalt road was done in PMC Grande Gardens 16km fairly recently.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to add more roads and see if anything could be done with those curves. Also need to smooth out elevations a bit on intersections for dirt roads.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Terrain, Developer Diary

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