Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

2018-11-18 COCAINA Truck

1427 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, lets get some farming done Smiley :)
1455 started harvesting F34
1710 finished harvesting F34
1713 started harvesting F35
1912 started fertilizing F48
1931 started fertilizing F51
1953 finished fertilizing F48
2134 finished fertilizing F51
2137 finished harvesting F35
2204 I have like 3 million liters of canola and market price is not the highest but decent $4,335 so decided to go sell 1.716 million liter train load of it.
2227 started to sell, sold 12x $619k, budget now $28.877m.

Man what a pain selling those train cars were as you waited until the price went up again. I just kept watching FS19 live streams while doing it heh. Was done at 2359 (nice time heh).

2018-11-19T0003 decided to take even more canola for sale as still had 1.3 million liters in farm silo and the price is pretty decent indeed.
0015 started to sell, sold 5x $619k, budget now $31.976m.

Its funny to think that wayy wayyy back how many days ago already when I was still playing the first month marathon here, I said to wait until soybeans prices go up... and I am STILL waiting, feels like forever hehe.

0437 Was somehow super tired so went to take a nap and totally forgot to write it down, anyways woke up and started PMC Gaming back up at this timestamp.
0520 started harvesting F33

Right now I'm thinking about logistics, I want a big square fields without bridges or other narrow places between them where I would have to unpack harvester headers. This means the NW corner and south of my farm. F32 is growing barley and it can be plowed to much larger than the owner is selling it for (71 hectares).

I want to place a big harvester and big bud setup into these regions so they don't have to be driven back and forth as harvester header unpacking gets old real fast and big buds are so damn slow.

Harvesting some of those smaller fields is pretty much over in this savegame, I mean what is the point of harvesting F10 which is ridiculously small when you have monster fields like F33 and F35 next to it and the new F51 which get you huge loads of grain with one go. Also the F44 and F45 combo is pretty bad because it literally is locked between two bridges.

Obviously buying big bud setup next to a every two or so fields is overkill, but the NW corner and south of farm is excellent setup locations.

0547 purchased F02 for $3.836m, F03 for $4.441m, F06 for $7.515m, F07 for $6.005m and F32 for $5.775m, total $27.572m, budget now $4.401m Smiley ;)
0613 started fertilizing F08
0629 purchased lizard tx 415 barrelcore for $175k, 2x semi-tipper 70000/6 for $70k and dolly ea for $9k, budget now $4.074m

This tx 415 barrelcore truck is painted white, its my COCAINA truck to haul fertilizer from the SW silo to gunther sell point for that big DOLLAH Smiley ;)

The SW silo has capacity of 5 million liters, I can only imagine what kind of money train it will be to get fertilizer from the factory to the silo and from the silo with a semi truck to gunther to sell. It is going to make just insane amount of money. It is borderline cheating but as I said before I am not editing any files, not exploiting any game bugs etc, this is how Cornbelt developer intended it to be, fertilizer factory in work heh.

? finished fertilizing F08, forgot to mention what time
0811 started fertilizing F03
0830 finished harvesting F33
0857 finished fertilizing F03
0900 started fertilizing F02
0936 Fertilizer market price started to increase a while ago, it was at rock bottom so interesting to see how high it will get
0949 finished fertilizing F02

Could not fertilize F07 as it was bought from the AI owner as-is in some weird state, happens often with AI fields. I need to really queue my field purchased and only buy them when they are seeded so I can have money from the crop and then fertilizing works without plowing first.

1133 was dead tired and went to sleep, my sleeping schedule is really bad now with two 4hrs "nights", hopefully I can restore it with FS19 release Smiley ;)

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