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2018-11-17 Farming Simulator 19 On The Horizon

2018-11-17T1920 fired up FS17 after playing only elite dangerous. lets do some farming, lets buy the next field. hopefully I'll be farming now until farming simulator 19 is released on next tuesday Smiley :)
1937 canola was on high demand, so took train to sell, sold $600k and $181k, budget now $21.603m
1945 started harvesting F44
2105 finished harvesting F44
2120 started harvesting F08
2123 started harvesting F51

Damn its feels good to be back farming Smiley ;)

2304 finished harvesting F08
2305 started fertilizing F11
2325 started harvesting F15

Grain transport will unload into north west railroad silo, this silo as I understand it does not show up in the ESC prices menu, so have to remember to transfer the contents into farm silo or directly to the maplefield mills sell point.

2018-11-18T0038 finished fertilizing F11
0048 started fertilizing F09
0110 started fertilizing F10
0115 finished fertilizing F09
0117 started fertilizing F45
0120 finished fertilizing F10
0147 finished harvesting F15
0153 finished fertilizing F45
0154 started harvesting F16
? finished harvesting F16, forgot to write down heh
0311 started fertilizing F44
0335 finished fertilizing F44
0403 finished harvesting F51
0407 started harvesting F48
0458 started harvesting F46
0630 finished harvesting F48
0641 finished harvesting F46
0645 had to call it a night, dead tired already. Was a good comeback to cornbelt from scratch after several days. More to follow tomorrow Smiley :)

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