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2018-11-19 Farming Simulator 19 Released Its Game Over Man

1724 back at PMC Gaming, fired up FS17, lets continue farming Smiley :)
1731 started plowing F07
1737 started fertilizing F06
1740 fertilizer market price broke 10k barrier, its now $10,040. cant wait to start running my cocaina white truck money train into gunther Smiley ;)
1808 started fertilizing F34
1855 finished fertilizing F06
1913 started fertilizing F15
1925 finished fertilizing F34
1926 started fertilizing F35
1937 finished fertilizing F15
1939 started fertilizing F16
2002 finished fertilizing F16
2016 finished plowing F07
2108 finished fertilizing F35
2113 started fertilizing F33
2135 started plowing F06
2208 soybeans market price started to increase in maplefield mills, but I've been disappointed so many times that I wont hold my breath of getting a good price now.
2213 finished fertilizing F33
2323 started fertilizing F07
2359 fertilizer market price stopped increasing at $11,662 which is not the highest but pretty decent for my purpose

2018-11-20T0012 took semi truck of fertilizer for gunther to sell, sold $816k the first 70k liter trailer, after price went back up sold another for $816k.
0024 finished fertilizing F07
0039 fertilizer sold trailer for 2x $816k, budget now $7.255m

Had to bring another truck to help as the one is way too little, I had over 1 million liters fertilizer on the SW silo and train almost full (1 million liters) and manure/slurry tanks stocked up for further fertilizer manufacturing, hehe.

2018-11-20 Farming Simulator 19 Release

2018-11-20T0100 Farming Simulator 19 released! Smiley :D
0110 fertilizer sold trailer for 2x $816k, budget now $8.887m
0111 finished plowing F06

Selling that truck load of fertilizer concluded this play session as Farming Simulator 19 had been downloaded, I'm going to start install and play that now. Remains to be seen if this log entry was the last for this savegame and who knows, maybe for FS17 all together... Smiley ;)

Edit: 2024-03-17T04:51:59Z its fair to say that if I haven't played Farming Simulator 17 until now, it is very likely that I wont ever play it again, we now have FS19 and FS22 out, some people have already left FS19 behind and now rumors are circulating that "FS25" or something is coming soon possibly 2024, so life goes on, old games get outdated and discarded, life is sad Smiley ;)

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