Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

2018-11-03 One Month Straight Of 16 Hours Farming Days

2018-11-03T0115 back at PMC Gaming, started up FS17, lets see what we can get done today.
0139 sold wheat for $342k, yeah decided to take a bit more wheat for sale
0148 sold wheat for $342k
0156 sold wheat for $342k, budget now $6.680m
0233 finished cultivating F49

Didn't write down cultivating start as it was just manual GPS mod work with one Big Bud and Flexicoil ST820, just wanted to use that beast of a combination.

0234 its in-game time night time and weather forecast shows SNOW, heh ouch. oh well time acceleration fixes all that but still somehow gray mood hehe.
0246 started fertilizing F49
0308 finished fertilizing F49
0330 started fertilizing F50
0409 finished fertilizing F50
0413 started plowing F50

Oh man two Big Bud's with SPSL 9 plough's take 1h 30min to plow that F50 heh

0425 started harvesting F10
0432 it started to snow, damnit could not manage to harvest small F10 before the snowfall, oh well, lets wait.
0605 finished plowing F50, but still another Big Bud is fixing the field edges using my courseplay course
0621 started fertilizing F50
0701 finished fertilizing F50
0721 started seeding canola on F50

I made the decision to stop playing for now tonight as its been exactly one month (four weeks) since I started on oct 6th. I have ignored my real life duties so much over this month that I have huge backlog of stuff to do, also on few days as you can read above I have gotten pretty frustrated / bored of playing 16hrs straight every day.

I will continue this savegame, unless farming simulator 19 which is to be released on 20th this month, is so great that I never will start up FS17 again. But for that to happen from what sneak peeks we have seen so far... it would be rather surprising. Anyways thats far too long into the future, what happens, happens.

This decision was few days in the making, I was first planning on oct 6th to nov 6th as one month even, but actually its been four weeks today ie one month so this decision today came quite quickly as I was expecting to have few more days to play. Sort of sudden feeling that uh oh am I really ready to let go Cornbelt from scratch so quickly hehe. But nah, its good to stop now. And hey I still have a long day ahead of me, so lets keep farming until the cows come home (or something) Smiley ;)

0837 finished seeding F50
1027 took 140k liter truck trailer of fertilizer to gunther for sale, sold $844k

Now this is really interesting issue... stanton sawmill refinery area has fertilizer factory, it uses compost or manure and slurry to produce fertilizer. Gunther sell point will buy fertilizer for very high price, on this savegame the lowest it ever was were $10.8k and highest $12k. Compost is a produced on the refinery as you put in crude oil and canola/soybeans/sunflowers, manure and slurry is produced by animals.

Now everybody who has played FS17 knows that the balance is off somehow, the animals just do not produce enough manure/slurry to cover even smaller farm. Therefore we have to use manure/slurry sell point mods. The price of manure/slurry on these mods is extremely low as it should be, I mean it is SHIT, who would pay any good money of it hehe.

So I setup a manure and slurry sell point mods into south side of stanton sawmill, added conveyor belt for the manure sell point. Then I use truck to haul that stuff into the fertilizer factory in stanton sawmill area. And now, fertilizer is produced for me.

Again to iterate that manure/slurry is extremely cheap, a 70k liter truck load of manure costs few hundred bucks, 40k liter slurry tanker costs the same. I have not tracked down how much fertilizer can be produced from one liter of each of the shit materials, but if thousand liters pays like $12,000 dollars... oh my, that is indeed quite the crazy stuff.

I do not want to cheat and this almost feels like turning your urine into champagne and shit into cocaine hehe. But I am not cheating, I am not using anykind of editing of files or exploits... this is made by the Cornbelt terrain developer as a factory and I am simply using it as intended.

But yeah I can see that over time it can mount to millions of dollars of profit when I haul the shit to the factory, train carry fertilizer to the silo and finally truck trailer to haul the fertilizer for sale in gunther sell point. So yeah, good money indeed.

One thing I am afraid is that it might be so good money that my soybeans profits feel like chump change, now that would be horrible, I don't want FS17/Cornbelt to turn into some retarded Factory Simulator, I want the farming of crops being the main focus. But time will tell what sort of money can be made with this fertilizer factory.

1040 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $8.325m


1043 snowing was over, harvesting F10 continues in regular schedule
1051 finished harvesting F10
1053 started harvesting F09
1103 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1115 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $10.012m Smiley :)
1115 started harvesting F45, but this was manual work because mistake of seeding TWO crops into same field with different seeders Smiley :(
1153 finished harvesting F09
1156 started harvesting F11
1204 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $11.699m
1320 canola went on high demand on maplefield mills, price was $4800 but unfortunately it was dropping. I went to help auger wagon F11 to speed things up
1345 took a train with few cars of canola, sold $680k + $680k + $622k, budget now $13.679m
1418 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1434 train cars sold 663 + 663 + 566? Sorry forgot to check, eh.
1434 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $17.258m
1445 soybeans market price started to increase, but I have been disappointed so many times that I wont have high expectations this time...
1545 train cars sold $640k + $640k + $600k, budget now $19.136m
1554 finished harvesting F11
1652 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1708 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $20.822m
1847 finished harvesting F45
1855 shut down FS17 after ONE MONTH of playing all day every day Smiley :D

Took a few days break to play some Elite Dangerous and actually wanted to take longer break as there seems to be no end to this savegame in the near future, but Farming Simulator 19 is upon us in couple of days so I want to do a goodbye gaming sessions with FS17.

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