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2018-11-01 All Day Every Day

2353 back at PMC Gaming, FS17 already running, lets continue farming...

2018-11-02T0007 wasn't feeling the desire to farming, but gotta do it man. I drove first Big Bud from F16 to F33

Was thinking that at least for today I'm going to try to split up my four Big Bud's into two teams, north and south. I do have to take good care not to have them collide each other on seeding or fieldwork mode so maybe this split up makes them easier to manage. Also the traveling between north and south is just pain with these slow 32km/h monsters like I just did right now. We'll see how it feels to work with only two of them, maybe the seeding/ploughing times increase to several hours again who knows.

Yesterday while seeding I learned a lesson that never ever start seeding or fertilizing until you have refilled the vehicle seed/fertilizer tanks and seed/fertilizer tender auger wagon standing by. Otherwise you most likely will run out of products and then your vehicles are standing idle on the field while you hurry up to get auger wagon from where ever it might be. This is especially bad on seeding because long seeding times might cause first growth stage to switch on the headlands while you are still seeding.

0125 started seeding canola on F33
0151 started seeding canola on F48
0159 started fertilizing F08
0207 started fertilizing F51
0225 started fertilizing F15

I set the two steyr multi 4115 with KUHN EMC spreaders to empty their fertilizer tanks in F15 and then I'm going to drive them back to shop and sell them. Just wanted to drive them dry so no fertilizer is lost when selling.

0231 finished seeding F33
0236 finished fertilizing F08
0243 finished seeding F48
0246 sold steyr multi 4115 tractor, KUHN EMC sprayer and some tractor weight
0252 started seeding canola on F35
0257 sold steyr multi 4115 tractor, KUHN EMC sprayer and some tractor weight
0303 john deere 7030 with bredal 20k liter spreader tanks continued what the sold steyr multis started on F15
0318 finished fertilizing F15
0321 started fertilizing F16
0338 finished fertilizing F16

Decided to take my 250k liters of barley for sale, it had the best price of non soybeans crops now. This was just to clear myself out of the negative budget and perhaps if it gives me enough money then buy those bredal spreaders (probably not).

0405 took train load of 250k of barley to sell in maplefield mills, market price was $2,160, sold for $309k + $233k, budget now $496k
0406 finished fertilizing F51
0415 started fertilizing F46
0426 finished seeding F35
0457 finished fertilizing F46
0531 started fertilizing F34
0646 finished fertilizing F34
0747 installed commodity prices mod so I can monitor soybean market price without going back and forth with the sluggish ESC map and price page

Now I'm kind of just waiting for market price to go up so I can sell and get some progress to this savegame.

It was 2018-10-28 in real life days when I purchased the last fields, the goal of this savegame is to purchase all the fields. So I have spent all these days, oh my had to actually double check but its been 3-4 days depending how you count them since that purchase... no new fields in four real life days of playing?

Umm what am I doing here, how does this drag for this long. I mean you have to understand that I'm playing all day every day, check the times in this "log" and you'll see... all that playing results to what? Sure I have large amount of soybeans in my farm silos but as the price kind of sucks... I'm just spinning my wheels here.

Well okay not spinning wheels as I'm working on the fields constantly, I don't just sit by idle while time goes by, I guess eventually as the soybeans market price goes up I have mega amounts of it to sell. But yeah getting a 20+ million payday after every so many days... uh man this is taking way too long.

I'm not smart enough to calculate or imagine what would the long term game-play difference be if I just sold ANYTIME the market price settles to a decent amount, like lets say over $4000, I mean if you sell 1.647 million liters of soybeans for $4k and then $5k its $6.588m vs $8.235m so damn $1.647m difference. One and a half million dollars go up in the smoke, poof. That is not good, why on earth would you sell your crops with such a lower price. Imagine how many vehicles could you buy with that difference, that lost money?

Currently I have 3.290 million liters of soybeans and 1.255 million liters of wheat in farm silo (plus most fields planted with canola heh), if I would sell all the soybeans as current market price is stable at $4273 it would get me mere 14,058,170 million.

On the other hand, in this savegame I saw the $5300 market price just ONCE and would have to scan the log up to see if I ever sold above 5k since, so who knows how many in-game days when market prices change I would have to wait for optimum prices.

Hmm dunno, just dunno man...

0827 started plowing F60
0828 started plowing F61
0941 finished plowing F60
0946 finished plowing F61
1022 purchased grimme sl 80-22 quantum conveyor belt for $12k

Used tractor to pull the grimme conveyor belt to stanton sawmill, there I purchased manure shop where this "filltrigger" conveyor belt works to buy manure. Yes slurry and manure placeables are borderline cheating, but it is impossible to get that many animals that they would produce enough of shit to last for a large farm.

Now I get to supply my fertilizer factory with slurry and manure so I have good supply for resources as the compost from crude oil and grain just ain't enough.

Also this manure shop will supply manure spreader implement for south west region once I buy Big Bud 450 and that bouchard 70k liter manure spreader.

1202 started fertilizing F33
1215 started harvesting F49
1257 finished fertilizing F48, forgot to write down start heh
1302 finished fertilizing F33
1319 finished harvesting F49
1321 started harvesting F50
1329 started fertilizing F49
1349 finished fertilizing F49
1458 started fertilizing F35
1530 finished harvesting F50
1626 took train full of canola and wheat to maplefield mill for sale, sold canola for $642k
1635 sold canola for $642k
1644 sold canola for $642k
1649 finished fertilizing F35
1651 sold canola for $642k

Market prices were canola $4495 and wheat was increasing then stabled to $2397.

1659 sold canola for $642k
1701 sold wheat for $342k
1706 sold canola for $308k, this was not 100% filled train car
1708 sold wheat for $342k
1716 sold wheat for $342k
1723 sold wheat for $342k
1731 sold wheat for $342k, budget now $5.651m
1735 dead tired as been up for 17hrs straight, gotta get some sleep, Zzz...

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