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2018-10-31 Heavy Duty Seeding

1934 back at PMC Gaming, started up FS17, harvest continues.

Wheat gives so much yield its crazy, that F47 was rather large and I had two 140k liter trucks and brent avalance 1596 auger wagons running constantly and still the 4 harvesters got completely full quite often heh.

2216 started seeding canola on F49
2218 finished harvesting F47
2246 finished seeding F49

Decided not to finish baling straw on F48, or any field in fact. I have enought of straw bales already, several 16 bale piles in north side of F49. Those will last me for a long time to be used as animal bedding and cow food.

2252 started fertilizing F48
2303 started seeding canola on F10
2304 started seeding canola on F09
2312 finished seeding F10
2319 finished fertilizing F48
2323 started fertilizing F60
2326 started fertilizing F61
2339 finished seeding F09
2343 finished fertilizing F61
2344 finished fertilizing F60

2018-11-01T1028 started fertilizing F47
0140 started fertilizing F10
0155 finished fertilizing F10

Did some maintenance on stanton sawmill to refill wheat and soybeans to seed and fuel factories. Took a nice train load of that stuff.

0200 started fertilizing F09
0217 started fertilizing F49
0220 started seeding canola on F11
0228 started seeding barley on F45
0230 started seeding barley on F44
0237 finished fertilizing F47
0247 finished fertilizing F49
0302 finished seeding F45
0303 started fertilizing F50
0318 started seeding canola on F51
0336 finished fertilizing F09
0347 finished seeding F11
0403 finished seeding F44
0404 finished fertilizing F50
0520 finished seeding F08, forgot to write down start time
0701 finished seeding F51
0704 started fertilizing F44
0705 started fertilizing F45
0727 started seeding barley on F15
0729 started seeding barley on F16
0740 finished fertilizing F45
0741 finished fertilizing F44
0757 finished seeding F16
0800 finished seeding F15
0820 started seeding canola on F46
0923 started seeding canola on F34
1019 finished seeding F46
1101 finished seeding F34
1109 started fertilizing F11

Been a long day, I should move the four Big Bud's down south to F33 and F35 for some heavy duty seeding, but I'm quite exhausted and don't have "energy" to drive one of them down there (and rest would come after using courseplay).

Just finishing fertilizing F11 with the old shop refill system using only two steyr multis heh. Maybe tomorrow market prices are better so I could sell some crops to get money and upgrade those spreaders.

Anyways been very nice day today, been playing almost sixteen hours now heh, very nice day indeed Smiley :)

1128hrs dropped to NEGATIVE budget hehe. Its now -$23k, wow how did that happen? Smiley ;)

Alright lets bring the budget now above one million and then keep it there. Seems like my "but this was a good deal to buy these two fields" brought the budget to negative side, ouch. And to remind you, my budget the CASH flow might be on minus but I have millions of liters crops in farm silo so I could get millions in cash by just hauling them for sale, so its not like I'm broke heh.

1329 finished fertilizing F11
1348 shut down FS17 as I started to get tired after playing for 18hrs straight Smiley :)

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