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2018-10-30 Four Big Buds With Seed Hawks

1951 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues.

Guess I was really tired as didn't even realize last night that now all my fields have been harvested, farm silo status is: 79k wheat, 250k barley and 3.576 million liters of soybeans (plus the placeable 600k of potatoes).

2011 started fertilizing F35
2014 started plowing F33
2141 finished fertilizing F35
2154 started fertilizing F44
2203 started fertilizing F09
2217 finished fertilizing F44
2218 finished fertilizing F09
2225 started fertilizing F10
2231 started fertilizing F45
2237 started fertilizing F11
2239 finished fertilizing F10
2242 started plowing F09
2244 finished plowing F33
2254 finished fertilizing F45
2316 started plowing F51
2336 finished plowing F09
2342 finished fertilizing F11
2351 started plowing F10

2018-10-31T0004 finished plowing F10
0006 started fertilizing F50
0019 started harvesting F48
0034 finished fertilizing F50
0213 finished baling straw on F49
0304 finished harvesting F48
0315 started seeding canola on F50

Damn 4 big bud seedhawk setups is nasty with courseplay, you have to separate them far apart when you send them on their way that they won't collide with each other. Seems like in the headland corners with seedhawk courseplay wants them to do 360 turn which takes time. In this time the trailing vehicle can catch up to him and... "is in traffic" hehe.

0347 finished plowing F51
0401 finished seeding F50
0418 started fertilizing F49

After the next crops sale I'm going to upgrade those steyr multi 4115's with KUHN EMC sprayer because its so limited capacity only 3200 liters, I'm going to get two new tractors and bredal 20k liter tank spreaders. It would be fun to spread one field with one pass instead of doing couple refills.

0433 finished fertilizing F49
0437 started baling straw F48
0625 started harvesting F47
0726 shut down FS17, wasn't really tired but felt just exhausted of playing and wanted to try out Elite Dangerous Chapter 4 beta Smiley ;)

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