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2018-10-29 Big Buds And Mumbo Jumbo

1959 back at PMC Gaming, firing up FS17, harvest continues...
2009 started harvesting F11
2116 started harvesting F45
2206 finished harvesting F45
2207 started harvesting F44
2255 finished harvesting F44

2018-10-30T0017 finished harvesting F11

Started to feel a bit not really exhausted but and I hate to use this word but, bored. Right now all but one field has been harvested, several plough tasks in front of me and still with all these millions and big buds and mumbo jumbo, I feel like I'm only 20% progress for buying all the fields, dunno maybe more but yeah the light at the end of the tunnel is so small I can barely see it hehe.

0210 finished harvesting F51 potatoes, uuh what an ordeal... no more, never again! haha Smiley ;)

So first I purchased those two 300k liter placeables, then I started to haul 140k truck loads to gunther and once that got old I started to dump the potatoes into back end of the field into a huge mountain of potatoes. It is clear to me that the grain (at least potatoes) pile on the ground does not even come close to the actual liter amount as the pile is super small compared to the endless truck loads I dumped there. Oh well its FS17 for you.

If I only feed the potatoes to my pigs (which I purchase soon), it will last me for two life times hehe, I highly doubt I'll be planting more potatoes in this savegame, there just is no need after this monster mountain of potatoes.

0234 started fertilizing F51
0235 plow fixes for F08 done
0319 finished fertilizing F08, forgot to write start time heh
0322 started plowing F15

I was ploughing F15 which was in the corner of wide open landscape without anything on the horizon and I realized how good I felt to break into this north west section of this terrain which has large square fields, I think I'm going to like farming here Smiley :)

Most likely I try to purchase fields in this area now before expanding elsewhere, this NW is like the mirror image of the NE which has the smallest fields of this terrain and probably the most busy area.

I just love so much of the large open areas without objects for your vehicles to collide into or lack of parking space. Now don't get me wrong I don't want an objectless flat terrain, oh no, but like the most horrendous piece of garbage you can find are these claustrophobic BRITISH terrains where I would never ever imagine myself farming.

0418 finished plowing F15
0439 plow fixes for F15 done
0443 started plowing F16
0447 started fertilizing F15
0504 finished fertilizing F15
0504 finished fertilizing F51
0519 finished plowing F16
0547 started fertilizing F16
0601 finished fertilizing F16
0624 started fertilizing F33
0718 finished fertilizing F33
0959 finished harvesting F49

F49 was accidentally planted with soybeans and wheat, it happened when I started courseplay courses using new seedhawk planter which was used the first time and obviously it defaults to wheat.

But this accident brought in some new information, I had two rows side by side soybeans and wheat, the wheat row would yield roughly twice as much grain than soybeans. So even as soybeans is pretty much twice more value on the market wheat still gets you a lot of money because you get so damn much of it (yield).

1022 shut down FS17 for today, quite exhausted of playing already, I think it finally starts to wear me out, heh we'll see. More farming tomorrow.

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