Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

2018-10-28 Harvest Got Rained Out

1743 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, we have three big harvest to do Smiley :)
1805 started harvesting F33
1815 started harvesting F50
1851 well now it started to rain, all harvesters stopped. I guess we wait for clear weather then...

When it was raining I did some maintenance, refueled vehicles, refilled stanton sawmill factories, hauled seeds and fertilizer with a train etc.

2043 edited CornBelt a bit, translated few german words to english and tweaked train car woodships from 120k liters to 143k same as grain.
2145 plowing fixes for F46 done.
2327 started fertilizing F46
2331 purchased F60 for $934k and F61 for $1.173m, budget now $209k

Purchasing these fields was quick decision as I had the money and the fields had crops fully grown which is money in the bank. Sure I dropped below one million base budget limit but it was a good deal and I have plenty of crops to sell in my farm silo all I need to do is to haul that stuff to sell point.

Currently I'm lacking liquid transport, I have that one MAN truck which I use for fuel and multi liquid tankers, it is a lot of swapping tanker trailers when you hop from multi to fuel because often times the multi one is not empty for example at the moment of writing this multi is filled with fertilizer but this would be perfect time to go haul some crude oil, but I cant as the tankers are not empty.

2359 finished fertilizing F46

2018-10-29T0023 had to take a nap as rain kept falling in-game heh
0351 woke up and firing up FS17 back up, lets see how quickly that rain will pass now.
0510 started plowing F34
0544 finished harvesting F50
0601 started harvesting F61
0603 started harvesting F60
0631 finished harvesting F33
0636 started harvesting F35
? finished harvesting F61
0700 finished harvesting F60
0727 started plowing F08
0810 finished plowing F34
0825 finished plowing F08
0903 started harvesting F10
0920 finished harvesting F10
0942 started harvesting F09
1041 finished harvesting F09
1048 finished harvesting F35

After semi-tipper unloaded to farm silo I had liters there 116k wheat, 250k barley and 2.2 million soybeans.

1110 shut down FS17, time to take a break for today, more farming tomorrow.

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