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2018-10-27 Bells And Whistles

1847 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues Smiley :)
1905 purchased man tgs 18.480 with trailer hitch for $167.3k and tech tanker multi tank with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) for $57.6k, budget now $2.746m
1908 purchased dolly ea for $9.2k and semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires for $69.6k, budget now $2.668m

This truck and tanker/trailer is to be used in stanton sawmill factory to carry grain, slurry and water.

1923 finished collecting all the square bales from F48, placed them in NE corner of the field as there was good remote empty space there
1927 started fertilizing F34
1946 did compost and water runs at stanton sawmill. compost to fertilizer and water for seed factory.
2025 purchased john deere 7030 with bells and whistles for $135k
2038 drove a fertilize edge courseplay route for F48
2042 started fertilizing F48, inside the edge as this was weird field by the terrain dev
2053 finished fertilizing F34
2104 finished fertilizing F48
2117 started plowing F48
2136 started plowing F46
2225 finished plowing F48, except still need to manually fix the corners and rough elevation plow mis-haps
2237 plow fixes done for F48, well, most of them
2259 finished plowing F46
2301 started fertilizing F09
2322 started fertilizing F48

2018-10-28T0003 finished fertilizing F48
0013 started cultivating F48
0038 finished fertilizing F09
0054 finished cultivating F48

First time in a long time that I used cultivators in a larger scale, it might be that I've never used the big bud flexicoil before this I just can't remember.

0215 started plowing F47
0300 finished plowing F47, but enlarge and corner fixing still to do.
0449 plow fixes done for F47, uuh painstakingly slow work.
0442 started fertilizing F47
0520 started seeding wheat on F48
0522 finished fertilizing F47
0553 finished seeding F48
0556 started seeding wheat on F47
0658 finished seeding F47

After a meal and watching some welker farm youtube videos, somehow I felt... not ready to continue with F33, F35 and F50 harvests because I expected to get tired soon, had that semi tired / exhausted feeling. Hmm and only been playing 13hrs straight, thats nothing, I should have at least 3-4hrs more hours left in me Smiley ;)

Oh and also I was hesitant to start harvests as weather indicator shows rain, odd thing is that its the current weather indicator, but I see no rain hmm.

0819 yeah didn't feel like continuing with the harvests so shut down FS17 for today (judging by how many hours I've been at it today), won't go to sleep yet but have to stop short today, if someone could call 13hrs straight a "short" heh. Anyways more farming tomorrow.

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