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2018-10-26 Huge Vechiles And Equipment Purchases

1613 back at PMC Gaming, firing up FS17, we continue farming...
1627 started fertilizing F50
1634 started fertilizing F33
1714 finished fertilizing F50
1717 started fertilizing F10
1730 finished fertilizing F10
1734 finished fertilizing F33
1738 started fertilizing F35
1753 checked factories; seed 140k liters, fertilizer 67k liters, fuel 114k liters and compost 21k liters, nice Smiley :)
1803 started seeding soybeans on F11
1911 finished fertilizing F35
1924 finished seeding F11
1926 started seeding soybeans on F09
1930 started seeding soybeans on F45
1953 finished seeding F09
1955 took truck trailer 140k liter of potatoes to gunther for $98k + $96k, budget now $24.586m
2007 started seeding soybeans on F44
2006 finished seeding F45
2030 used train to pickup 67k liter of seeds and 200k liter of fertilizer from the factory, whoah nice load of fertilizer heh
2104 finished seeding F44
2154 started to dump potatoes into the far edge of F51

Its so painful to haul the potatoes so far to gunther for sale, so I decided to disconnect the second semi-tipper trailer, use the first 70k liter one only which makes the truck more easier / faster to drive and then I'm going to dump all the remaining potatoes at the edge of F51 where they are in nobodys way and I can access them whenever I want lateron. I can use conveyor belts to load them into trucks when the time comes.

2202 purchased F08 for 1.135m, F46 for 2.152m, F47 for 5.173m, F48 for 3.309m and F49 for 1.977m, total of $13.746m, budget now $10.827m
2211 purchased:
- john deere 7030 with front linkage, front loader, 7530 and rear twin wheels $135k
- lely splendimo 320 fc $12k
- lely splendimo 900 mc $49k
- pottinger hit 12.14 t $27k
- lely hibiscus 1515 cd profi $62k
- new holland bigbaler 1290 $102k
- kuhn fbp 3135 $135k
- strautman tera-vitesse cfs 5201 do $131k
- siloking trailedline duo 1814 $41k

2242 purchased 3x great plains yp-2426a each $142k, budget now $9.707m
2257 purchased 2x bredal k165 each $67k, budget now $9.573m
2309 purchased 2x new holland cr10.90 $430k, 2x new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k and 2x quasar hs 16 header for $52k, budget now $8.483m
2317 purchased big bud with plow + seedhawk + flexicoil setup for $1.218m, budget now $7.265m
2322 purchased F15 for 2.266m and F16 for 1.867m, budget now $3.130m

2018-10-27T0020 started fertilizing F49

Tried out the new bredal 20k liter spreader trailer, it was odd, courseplay complained that I need seeds for it. So I had to fake the course as normal route and slow down the speed so its not unrealistic like these losers you see in twitch streams with 21km/h speeding harvesters with 1000 meter heads etc.

? finished fertilizing F49
0125 started harvesting F34, harvesting now with 4 combines Smiley ;)
0131 started plowing F49, plowing now with 4 big bud 757's and SPSL 9's hehe
0205 finished plowing F49
0219 started fertilizing F49

Now bredal fertilizer spreader trailer works OK with courseplay. Go figure, must have been some hiccup and needed game restart, very rarely I see that happen.

0259 finished fertilizing F49
0330 finished harvesting F34
0413 purchased brent avalance 1596 auger wagon for $118k, budget now $2.971m
0416 started fertilizing F44
0440 finished fertilizing F44
0451 started fertilizing F45
0459 started fertilizing F11
0511 started harvesting F48
0522 finished fertilizing F45
0539 started seeding soybeans on F49
0623 finished fertilizing F11
0635 finished seeding F49
? finished harvesting F48

Then I used new holland bigbaler to make bales out of the straw

0908 dead tired again, had to stop playing for tonight, more tomorrow, Zzz...

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