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2018-10-21 Huge Logistics Problem Harvesting F11

2018-10-21T1107 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues if we just can get through that low visibility rain Smiley :)
1245 started harvesting F33
1305 started harvesting F10
1323 finished harvesting F10
1325 started harvesting F09
1335 started fertilizing F34
1352 started fertilizing F10
1414 finished fertilizing F10
1425 finished harvesting F09
1435 started harvesting F11
1527 finished harvesting F33
1534 finished fertilizing F34

There is a huge logistics problem harvesting F11, three cr10.90's put out so much soybeans that the one auger wagon and truck can't keep up with them. I'm running the 70k liter truck trailer into farm HQ which is a long way, the courseplay route has been recorded with 68km/h speeds so that also slows the lizard tx 415 barrelcores capability which is 82km/h I think it was. Sure I can set it to max speed but then it runs off road on corners heh. I am looking at the grain silos on both near marys farm and the shop, but I dont think either one of those distance is any shorter, hmm not sure, would have to almost time the route.

I need a new truck trailer, using dollys to attach two of the 70k liter semi-tippers which gives nice capacity for one run. Then I also need to record new courseplay course as current one puts the truck even with a one trailer into too tight spot, the course was made for the puny metaltech db 8 for crying out loud heh.

Also thinking about buying a new truck but also second auger wagon, would set them up to the other side of the field so hopefully the auger wagons with courseplay operated would not run into each other so much, slim chance of that but who knows, gotta try it.

Currently I only have $455k budget so cant buy expensive stuff, I have to drive the other auger wagon and truck trailer "from down south" into F11.

1827 started fertilizing F35
1932 finished harvesting F11

When the F11 was harvested I had 1.5 million liters of soybeans again, too bad the market prices were not so good, well they were just over $4k but even though I earlier said its my bare minimum, I think the next time sell time comes it has to be over $5k heh.

And with finishing up this harvest I didn't feel like playing at the moment, just didn't have the motivation like just few days ago so I'm going to take a break again and unless I get some sudden inspiration this will be it for today.

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