Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

2018-10-20 Budget Over Ten Million Dollars

0830 back at PMC Gaming, back at farming, those fields won't buy themselves, lets get back to work Smiley :)
0836 the market price for soybeans is $4,890 and rising, really exciting to see where it ends up
0844 started seeding soybeans on F11
0851 purchased 2x brent avalance 1596 for $236k

These two new 1596 auger wagons are to be used as seed/fertilizer tenders for Big Bud Seed Hawk, they are so perfect for it as all you need to do is to drive next to the air cart and zoc! its refilled, I love it.

0858 started seeding soybeans on F45
0912 sold agrosomething db 8 trailers for $13k and $13k
0922 plowing the F44 edge fixes are now done
0945 finished seeding F45
0952 started fertilizing F44
1014 finished fertilizing F44
1015 started seeding soybeans on F44

Soybeans market price stopped increasing at $4,944 so its time for me to sell. Train was already at the maplefield mills sellpoint filled with 1.647 million liters of soybeans so lets start to sell one car at the time.

1017 sold train car of soybeans for $707k, price dropped and started to increase again, so we play the market finance game once again
1026 sold train car of soybeans for $707k, and going to list rest here: 7x $707k and last three cars were smaller so 3x $593k, budget now $8.363m
1113 finished seeding F44

Didn't realize the last train cars which were some open ones had less capacity than the umm grain cars, maybe I missed the xml config when I edited them, need to go back and check. Or maybe I just loaded them somehow, wrong... dunno.

Anyways, nice 8 million DOLLAH, that will get me some nice toys Smiley ;)

Not sure if I pour all that into Big Bud vehicle upgrade or should I buy the problematic buggy field 35 which causes havoc to F34 and F33, it pisses me off so much that I'll most likely buy F35 and I'm also curious to see if its such a bug. The field costs $6.1m so I still have plenty of left for some big bud love.

1212 finished seeding F11

I'm looking at field 35 and its a 86 hectares which is fairly large but at the moment there is nothing growing there, the price will come down a lot when the AI farmer plants something there after which I buy the field and harvest the crops. Although sometimes you have to wait a while before AI plants which is odd (happened with F50 I think).

1223 purchased 2x tech tanker multi tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires for $56.3k and dolly ea with wide tires for $9.2k, budget now $8.241m
1311 picked up all the crude oil and took it to marys farm petrol station, now all we need is some grain to make fuel in refinery
1355 fertilizing fixing for F34 because the courseplay hiccup with circling vehicles previously. I was completely blind just using GPS because it was on last growth stage so I could not see the soil heh
1406 I should have know, growth stage changed for ready to harvest just when I was fertilizing it hehe, HOWEVER still half of the damn field was NOT ready, sigh.
1418 started harvesting F34
1434 started harvesting F50
1554 started fertilizing F11
1624 finished harvesting F34
1629 finished harvesting F50

Was quite frantic harvest again as I was checking out the market prices for soybeans and they still were $4,944 so I started to load the train. Harvest completed and I was keeping my eye on the prices while the last truck was traveling to farm silos.

1640 had train loaded with 920k of soybeans, off to sell them.
1645 sold first car for $707k, then continued after price increased, 5x $707k and change $310k, budget now $12.781m Smiley :D

Oh wow over ten million DOLLAH in bank already, that is a nice amount of money. Hmm what should I buy, couple of fields and fleet of Big Buds? hehe Smiley ;)

1740 started fertilizing F34
1759 finished fertilizing F11
1804 started fertilizing F50

Rebooted FS17 and added Big Brute sprayer mod as I wanted to try it out for a long time and it would fit perfectly for this huge terrain and Big Bud madness. Then it was time to spend some money Smiley ;)

1838 purchased F35 for $6.189m and F51 for $3.441m, budget now $3.108m
1842 purchased:
2x big brute 425/100 $195k
2x bug bud 747 with triple wheels $429k
2x gregoire besson trailed lifter $15k
2x gregoire besson spsl 9 with slatted moldboards $132k
2x seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft $290k
2x seed hawk 980 air cart with rear twin wheels $190k
2x flexicoil st820 $186k

Budget now $218k Smiley :)

1858 finished fertilizing F34
1905 finished fertilizing F50
1915 started plowing F50

Started Big Bud SPSL 9 three tool ploughing setup heh, nice Smiley ;)

1935 started fertilizing F44
1938 changed crop growth rate to SLOW and I intend to keep it there, its just so much easier to get used to it and hopefully not have half grown fields etc.
2004 finished fertilizing F44
2005 started fertilizing F45
2024 finished fertilizing F45
2039 finished plowing F50, well courseplay part, still need to fix those edges

Hmm I noticed that as the terrain was a bit elevated, the SPSL 9 plow made a little bit of mess, quite few small streaks here and there, not too bad when you think about the mass volume these guys actually ploughed for me.

2107 plow fix for F50 done
2107 started fertilizing F50, testing new Big Bud Brute 425/100 Smiley ;)
2122 started plowing F35

Even with three Big Bud SPSL 9 ploughs it says to take 2h 15min, damn... we need more plough powa! heh

2138 started seeding soybeans on F34
2200 finished fertilizing F50
2213 drove the big bud brute 425/100's back to shop and sold, they sound horrible I just cant use vehicles like this.

BTW Cornbelt is buggy with the F35 definition as once I bought it, all the problems with F33 and F34 went away. The dev has not seen this obviously because F35 is owned by player and therefore the bug wont show up until you edit your savegame (not Cornbelt files).

This was actually the first time I got... well not bored but kind of, frustrated I guess, dunno really. I was disappointed about the brute being so bad sounding and also when I ran three big bud plough and massey ferguson seeding courseplays I got the performance loss where FPS dropped from 60 to like below 25 at worst situations. No I'm not going to stop but just wanted to mention that after all these days for playing non-stop minimum of 16hrs / day I had nothing but 110% enthusiasm and motivation, but right now I wouldn't shed much tears if I stopped. Or something.

That performance loss is really a bad thing, I mean when you've gotten used to 60fps, how can you play when it dips to low 20's? You can't.

2310 finished seeding F34
2348 finished plowing F35

It was odd as it started to rain in-game and visibility was very poor, heh kind of reflected on my mood Smiley ;)

Now after finishing plowing F35 I actually felt like taking a break when even thinking about starting to fix those plough edge missed spots... and I did, gotta take a small breather and watch some TV, check discord which I've ignored for week+ etc. Although I had youtube video upload going for more than an hour so couldn't shut down the computer.

So I spent rest of the evening of watching TV and catching up rss news / discord chat a bit, guys were already worried what happened to me as I disappeared for almost two weeks hehe.

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